After making our our play food (cakes) yesterday, I just had to make a cafe for J to really enjoy playing with them. As they were nice and dry this morning and J was at swimming, I couldn’t resist and despite appearances, it only took me 15 minutes and it will be out for the entire week ahead, so well worth the set-up time.

Cafe Play

These were the stones covered in paint, now known as Strawberry Swirls, Pear Drops and Lemon Sweeties.  I labelled the jars and added a price so that J could rehearse his number recognition.  Whenever we can incorporate print into play, we should, as children need to know that writing/print has a purpose.  Screwing and unscrewing the lids are also fab for fine motor development.

Cafe Play.jpg2

I made sure I labelled all of the cakes and included a price for lots of number recall and so J could ask what they said.  I made the cakes look as appealing as possible and displayed them as they do in the coffee shops J and I sometimes visit! Not that we eat cakes of course! Winking smile

Cafe Play.jpg3

At Easter, we bought J a toy sandwich kit rather than chocolate! He loves them and they live in his kitchen normally but I added them to the cafe so that J could make sandwiches to order.  This is great for J’s listening skills and memory as he has to remember our order correctly and include all the items!

Cafe Play.jpg4

I also included a till with real coins so that J could have the opportunity to develop his understanding of money, their value and number recognition on the till. Finally, we had some tea and coffee making facilities!

Cafe Play.jpg5

J has had a great time with this today and thank goodness the toy food is not calorific as I’ve ordered and eaten A LOT of food!  I hadn’t included the tongs (hadn’t thought of it) but J insisted he used them as he didn’t want to get germs on the food! What a professional!

Cafe Play.jpg6

J is fab at his number recognition and made sure he pressed the correct numbers when typing in the price!

Cafe Play.jpg7

When ordering sweets, we said we wanted 5 strawberry swirls and J had to count them out onto the plates! Lovely counting rehearsal through play!

Cafe Play.jpg8

J loved making the coffee and made the noises he has heard in real coffee shops to show he really was immersed in the role play!

Cafe Play.jpg9

What did J learn?

  • Number recognition and recall
  • Counting objects
  • Fine motor development
  • Speaking and listening
  • Memory skills – remembering fillings and orders
  • Taking on roles and recreating his experiences
  • Understanding print has a meaning

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