G is loving Peekaboo books and games at the moment.  I thought I would try a Peekaboo Boxes game.  This was another introduction to a treasure box but much simpler and essentially about the element of surprise when we first unveiled the contents of the box.  After that it was up to G to explore and play with however she wanted.

You can see from the boxes below, any boxes you can gather from around your home will be good for this activity.  They are better if different shapes and sizes, some with lids etc.

Boxes I used and their Contents:

  • Gold box with lid – three plastic balls (for grabbing and holding practise, discovery of rolling and dropping)
  • Silver box with lid – red scarf (for hiding behind, texture, colour and pulling)
  • Green plastic lunchbox – G’s toy (presenting toys in a different context gives them a new lease of life!)
  • Book collection box – Baby Roo soft toy peering over the top (for looking at faces, surprise, jack in the box element of peekaboo)

Peekaboo Boxes.jpg2

To begin with, I just showed G all the boxes together to see which one caught her attention first.  I then placed the other boxes to the side and put her favourite box on her high chair tray.

Peekaboo Boxes.jpg3

Baby Roo won as I’d suspected as she really loves soft toys and their faces.  She likes talking (screeching) at them! Although I joke about how crazy G’s screeching is making me (well half joke), this is most certainly the initial steps of communication.  Unfortunately, other than ‘bbaa’ and a few raspberry noises the screech/squeal/ear-piercing scream is by far G’s favourite at the moment. I manipulated Baby Roo into saying Peekaboo and hiding from G again and again! She loved it but soon let me know that she wanted to hold Baby Roo.

Peekaboo Boxes.jpg4

Of course she needed a good taste!

Peekaboo Boxes.jpg6

The boxes with lids, I placed on the tray and let G get excited.  She grabbed it and tried to take the lid off but I did it for her in the end.  Good girl for trying though!

Peekaboo Boxes.jpg7

Again, I did the Peekaboo reveal and G couldn’t wait to get her hands on the contents.

Peekaboo Boxes.jpg8

G loved exploring the balls and rehearsed her fine and gross motor development beautifully. Just through playing with these balls she explored object permanence by launching balls off the tray repeatedly, cause and effect by rolling the balls around the tray and sometimes from one hand to the other and she talked to her new friends… the balls!

Peekaboo Boxes.jpg14

As I’ve said lots of times, G loves playing with her scarves and hiding behind it and asking, ‘where’s she gone?’ always gets a giggle!

Peekaboo Boxes.jpg9Peekaboo Boxes.jpg10

Today is also caused an ALMIGHTY screech! She shocked herself! You can see in the photo below she was building up to it, I think that screech came from her toes!

Peekaboo Boxes.jpg11

Have you ever been to a friends house and your children just LOVE it because of the toys?! It may be that the toys are actually the same as the ones they’ve dumped at home and haven’t touched in months! However, in a new setting, presented in a new light, they are so much more interesting! By simply presenting G with a toy she hasn’t been interested in over the last few weeks, G saw it through fresh eyes and had a lovely play with it!

Peekaboo Boxes.jpg12Peekaboo Boxes.jpg13


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