Keepsakes and Memories

A Book of Letters to My Children

When G was born, I started a book of letters for my children. The idea is, every couple of weeks or so or when something memorable happens, I write a letter to J or G or sometimes both and tell them about it! Sometimes I just feel the urge to tell them how grateful I am to have them! I think when they’re around 18 or 21, I will give them the book to read!! This is something I know I would’ve loved as so many of the little things we forget! I also want them to know just how much I love them! Maybe you’d like to start your book of letters? Not too late!! If you’re more of an ‘e-mailer’, set them up an account and email them instead! I’m just a glutton for a book!!  I also used this as a gift Idea for when my sister had her daughter. I’ve now also bought one for my Mum and Dad to write to their Grandchildren. It really is a gift that will eventually mean the world to our children!



My time in Mummy’s Tummy:

This is a home-made book that has photographs of the day we found out our children were in Mummy’s tummy. It also includes scan photo’s and photo’s of Mummy’s ever expanding tummy!  With the photo’s are short sentences about the what was happening. J loves having a cuddle and reading through this book! I wonder if they’ll be any more added to this book in time?? You can see on this page, the last photo before I had J and the first photo when I found out we were having G. I love looking through this book too.



A Present for My Baby:

I love painting.  I’m not very good at it but I find it very relaxing.  Before I had the children, I painted all the time. I am also incredibly impatient, so when completely fed up of being pregnant, I always set to work on a little present for the unborn baby.  For J I painted a picture of the characters from ‘Tales of Friendship’ (Winnie the Pooh and friends).  For G I painted a cute teddy bear.  I wrote a tiny date on them and ‘For Baby Tuite, Love Mummy.’  These are hung up in their bedrooms and I hope they will remind them, as they grow, that Mummy loves them so much and always has, even before they were born.  If painting isn’t your thing, baby cross stitch, knit, draw, create a piece of pottery, a song… anything.  Just as a present from you to your unborn baby for them to keep forever.  I’m not posting a photo of the paintings as I’m FAR too embarrassed to show my art to the world!


Christmas and Birthday’s’ book:

For this book I add a couple of photographs from each birthday and Christmas.  It forms a kind of timeline essentially and is obviously a work in progress. Another one for memories in years to come and in fact year on year.  It’s amazing how they change in a year.  I have purposely left this book without words as I want it to encourage lots of talk, questioning and so on as we look at it over the years.


Memory Box:

For each of the children, we had too many gifts! People are just so generous.  I must admit, one of my favourite gifts are the boxes you can get with the year of their birth on! In these boxes, I have kept little tokens such as their hospital name band, the first sleep suit they ever wore, all the cards they received when they were born, the silver coin my parents gave to them when born etc.  As the years go buy, I will add to it, things like, a photo of their first day at school, their first head teacher’s certificate, the first note they write to me. I’m almost crying just thinking about it!

Baby Canvas:

Our babies grow TOO quickly.  So before they were born, I went and bought a small, blank canvas from the craft shop in preparation for their arrival.  About three or four days after they were born, I dragged myself off the sofa (SLOWLY) and simply painted the soles of their feet. I then printed them in the centre of the canvas and wrote their name and DOB. These hang in their rooms.  I cannot believe how much Baby G’s feet have grown in six months!  It may sound like a pain (in more ways than one) after you’ve just given birth, but I PROMISE you’ll be so glad you did it.

Baby Canvas Precious play


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