The second of the suitcases is perfect for travel and visits! This particular case is also a MUST for every household where the adults like a bit of quiet time!  Scenery Suitcase is still going strong and J is currently using it for his zoo animals.  The ‘Shhh! Quiet Time Box’ includes open ended activities that are perfect for a bit of quiet!

Shhh! Quiet time

I intend to keep this ‘Shhh!’ box updated as and when needed! Over the last few days, J has loved playing with it and on our Bank Holiday weekend away, he is loving dipping in and out of it when we’re not out and about.

This box includes:

  • Sticker pad
  • Notepad
  • Coloured pencils
  • Stacking crayons
  • Safety scissors
  • Glue
  • Threading buttons
  • Wooden Shapes
  • Magnetic Whiteboard and pen
  • Magnetic letters and numbers
  • Modelling clay/Plastecine
  • Pencil
  • Card and envelopes
  • Numbers written on bright star cards
  • A mat

Shhh! Quiet time.jpg10

The beauty of the contents of this case is they are open ended, can be used together or independently and J can use them however he wishes in a variety of ways. The bonuses; it all fits in one case; is perfect for travel (whether a weekend away or visit to a restaurant) and they keep him quiet! Smile

J loved playing with the crayons but rather than colour with them at first, he stacked them and talked about the colours and counted how many were there.  I picked these stackable crayons up from Asda last week for £1!

Shhh! Quiet time.jpg3

As well as using the scissors to cut paper, J also used them to cut the plastecine.  Again, open ended play and child interpretation at it’s best.  J also enjoys exploring just what is in the case as there is a surprising amount things in there!

Shhh! Quiet time.jpg4

As J’s extended family gathered for a cuppa and chat this morning, J wrote them all cards using the envelopes and cards from the case.  Mark making, assigning meaning to marks and loving being the post man.

Shhh! Quiet time.jpg5

J also enjoyed making various objects with the plastecine and then role playing with it as if they were small world toys!

Shhh! Quiet time.jpg6

Threading is a fantastic activity for developing fine motor skills and once J threaded and counted how many he had used, his uncle taught him how to swing them and make them go round on the string.  So it quickly became a gross motor game too!

Shhh! Quiet time.jpg8

Since making the Shhh! box three days ago, J has enjoyed about six hours worth of play from it! Obviously not all in one go but he knows he can dip in and out of it whenever we have a spare half an hour. Another positive with these boxes is that can be tailored to suit any child’s interests and they can be changed as and when needed. The reality is, any open ended activity that will engage, stimulate and encourage creativity and independent thinking is perfect for this box.  Although speaking and listening play is fabulous at this age, there is also something to be said for promoting quiet thinking time! We all need our sanity too!  I will definitely be making a toddler version of this box for E in the next week or so, so watch this space!  I can’t wait to see J play with this box for months to come!

Shhh! Quiet time.jpg7


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