Ping Pong Fun

After a busy Bank Holiday weekend away and journey back, we needed some simple family fun to bring it to a lovely end.  Here are three VERY simple and easy family games to involve everyone and bring a smile to all our faces!  The bonus is these games develop the muscles in J’s mouth necessary for clear speech and his hand eye coordination!

Ping Pong Fun With Precious Play

Game 1: Race the Ping Pong

You will need:

  • A cardboard tube cut in half (length ways)
  • A straw per player
  • A ping pong ball per player

Ping Pong Fun

The aim of this game is for each player to blow through their straw and blow their ball to the end of the track (tube).  The first to the end is the winner!

Ping Pong Fun.jpg2

Blowing helps to develop the muscles that control our lips .  These are necessary to pronounce words like, ‘p’ in pin and ‘b’ in bat. For clear speech and to help our children’s oral motor skills, playing games like this is perfect, simple and fun!

Ping Pong Fun.jpg3

J also rehearsed his photography skills by taking a sneaky photo of Mummy and Daddy racing!! No greater play for our little ones than play that involves the whole family.

 Ping Pong Fun.jpg4    Ping Pong Fun.jpg6

Extend the game by making the track longer and straw longer too!

Ping Pong Fun.jpg7

Game 2: Rescue the Ball

You will need:

  • A bowl of water
  • A straw per player
  • A ping pong ball per player

Ping Pong Fun.jpg8

The aim of this game is to beat the opposing player by rescuing your ball. You need to suck the ping pong ball out of the ocean!

Ping Pong Fun.jpg11

The sucking action helps to strengthen the muscles at the back of the tongue. This can help with pronouncing sounds such as ‘k’ as in kick and ‘g’ as in gang.  A good speech and language oral exercise.  Also fun if you’re competitive as it’s quite tricky but lots of fun.

Ping Pong Fun.jpg12

Nice too for children and Daddy/ Mummy to get silly! Blowing bubbles in water and splashing one another’s faces!

Ping Pong Fun.jpg10

Game 3: Aim and Score

You will need:

  • An empty milk powder tub with hole cut out.
  • Several ping pong balls

Ping Pong Fun.jpg13

The aim of the game is to throw/bounce the ping pong balls into the post box.

Ping Pong Fun.jpg14

This is a great game to develop hand-eye coordination and throwing and aiming skills.  Also a good way to develop your ability to cheat (be creative) too! Winking smile

Ping Pong Fun.jpg15

Not sure which member of the family enjoyed this one more!!  It’s family games like this that remind you just how competitive you are and how much you love being with your family! To see more about Speech and Language exercises, click here!

Ping Pong Fun.jpg16


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