A Small World Building Site

To go along with J’s interest in our new home having work done to it before we move, I made a small world building site last week.  J has enjoyed playing with it over the week and it was so easy to set up. Small world play is so good for developing language and another great way to get into role, recreate their own experiences and use their imagination.

Small World Builders.jpg3

To make this small world, I used an empty Melissa and Doug tray; they always come in handy!  It was good for this small world as the sides look like a fence/barrier to section off the building site. Got to think about health and safety! Winking smile  I put some stones in the tray and included the stones with numbers on that I’d previously used for Dinosaur Digits just to add some opportunities for open-ended number play.  You can see in the photo above, I also included a few boxes and measuring scoops; again this was to add some open-ended resources.  Final touch was a few of J’s small world builder characters, cars and a digger.

Small World Builders.jpg2

When J first played with this he began by scooping and digging in the stones.  He was talking about the mess, the dust and the hard work he had to do.

Small World Builders

When J found numbers, he would scoop them up and show me telling me what numbers they were.  He said they came from house number 9 and so on.

Small World Builders.jpg4

It didn’t take long for J to discover the boxes and he opened them up thinking something was in them! He was surprised to see they were empty and proceeded to fill them with stones using the scoops.

Small World Builders.jpg5

Once J had put some stones in his golden box, he started saying, ‘Abra cadabra’ and granting wishes for Mummy.  Whatever Mummy said she wanted, the stones became them! They were chocolates, diamonds and even lots of money!  If only the box was really magic hey!

Small World Builders.jpg6

While Mummy imagined what she’d spend the money on Winking smile, J went back to the small world characters. Unfortunately for Bob, he got stuck in the digger and Super J the super hero had to rescue him! Since that first play, we have had ALL sorts of imaginary incidents! Who’d have thought a pile of stones could be so interesting and so educational?!  The beauty of small world play!

Small World Builders.jpg8



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