Painting with Cotton Buds

We are always looking for new ways to paint and today we decided to paint with cotton buds.  This is something we have done before and it is so effective because it gives young children more control when painting, they’re good for mixing colours and you can do dotty painting with them which always looks effective.  Today we created three masterpieces.

We used:

  • Cotton buds
  • Paints
  • Colouring pages
  • Coloured sheets of paper
  • We have a few Orchard Games and they always come in sheets where you have to pop the parts out, leaving you with a sheet of card square-shaped stencils.

Painting with Cotton Buds

Masterpiece 1:  We used some colouring pages.  J chose one and Mummy chose one.  Getting involved in the painting yourself and creating your own masterpiece not only is enjoyable/relaxing for you but also shows your child that you value your time playing with them and painting/drawing can be fun for all!  It’s a great bonding experience and stops you from being distracted and going off to do a quick job.  Half an hour to sit and paint is worth so much to you and your child. J kept saying, ‘We’re best buddies aren’t we Mummy!’ *Mummy holds back tears*

Painting with Cotton Buds.jpg2

J both dotted and used the buds like a pencil, spreading out the paint.  He also used them to mix the paint and make grey.

Painting with Cotton Buds.jpg3

Here are our finished masterpieces! I was quite proud of mine! HAHAHA!  I purposely used random colours for my painting as J is quite the perfectionist and sometimes gets upset if he thinks he’s done something ‘wrong!’  This has not come from me telling him it is wrong, it’s all from him and his little perfectionist ways! I’m trying very hard to show J, it DOESN’T matter.  With art we can be as creative and imaginative as we like! So if I want a red mouse, I’ll have one! For J, at this point, I want him to let go and just ENJOY what he is doing!  It’s rather like when I’m driving in the car and sing at the TOP of my voice! I know I sound AWFUL, but I’m enjoying myself and for those few moments, I’m a chart topping singer!! Please don’t tell me I’m alone in this!! I think it is so important to let go and enjoy your life; it is too short to be hung up on BEING perfect! After all, nothing is; apart from my masterpiece below of course! Winking smile

Painting with Cotton Buds.jpg12

Masterpiece 2: J’s next masterpiece was his pattern! He didn’t know what would happen when he lifted the stencil off but I told him it would be super special and this gave him the drive to fill each square!

Painting with Cotton Buds.jpg4

As he did his patterns; striping, dotting and generally colouring, we talked about the colours and J described what he was doing.

Painting with Cotton Buds.jpg5

The big reveal was lovely.  J had a huge grin on his face and said, ‘Wow Mummy, how did I do that?’  He couldn’t wait to show Daddy!  This could be easily replicated by cutting out any grid of shapes using cereal boxes.  We’ll definitely be doing this with all the other main 2D shapes.  Can’t wait!

Painting with Cotton Buds.jpg6

J’s pattern/shape masterpiece!

Painting with Cotton Buds.jpg7

Masterpiece 3: The final masterpieces we painted, we just used blank paper and used the buds like pencils.  Using the buds with all the painting was great for J to rehearse his pincer grip.

Painting with Cotton Buds.jpg8

J loves mixing paints and says things like, ‘Mummy can you guess what I’m making?’  Mixing colours is a must for children to do through exploration.

Painting with Cotton Buds.jpg9

Using the buds gave J much more control when painting than if he had used a paintbrush.  He loves painting his family at the moment and this was Daddy!

Painting with Cotton Buds.jpg10

This was J’s final masterpiece of the day! It was Daddy with a beard (because it’s Saturday!) and really long ears!!  We had so much fun with this and it’s so easy to set up!

Painting with Cotton Buds.jpg11



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