I wanted to make Baby G a very tactile game today. As she is becoming more and more confident sitting unaided, I wanted to see how she would explore some different textures.  Baby learns through exploration and senses so this is a great little activity.  To make the ‘Touch Tray,’ I used one of those very light plastic dipping trays. I picked it up from the supermarket for less than £1.  I then collected a few pieces of material making sure each would give G a different experience.

I included:

  • small squares of cotton with different busy patterns
  • some crunchy foil type material (not tin foil)
  • stripy foam cut into shape of a heart (why not?)
  • some wet wipes (as I’m yet to meet a baby who doesn’t love baby wipes!)
  • a flannel soaked in warm water and wrung out
  • In the centre of the tray, I stuck some parcel tape making sure the sticky bit was on the outer side for G to touch and get stuck to

Baby Touch Tray

G couldn’t wait to get stuck in and loved this from the start! She had a very perplexed look on her face when she picked up the wipes! I don’t think she was expecting them to be wet. It’s funny, as soon as the wipes were out of context and not next to the packet she wasn’t so keen on them!Baby Touch Tray.jpg2

G enjoyed looking at the patterns on the cotton material and really spent some time examining them closely.  At one point she picked up one in each hand and gave me a look as if to say, ‘Look I’ve got two! I’m amazing!’

Baby Touch Tray.jpg6

Funnily enough, G did not put any of the other materials in her mouth, until she came to the stripy foam.  I’m guessing the texture and colours made it quite inviting! Unfortunately for G she DID NOT enjoy the taste!!

Baby Touch Tray.jpg8

… the disgust and inspection continued for a while. I couldn’t stop giggling!

Baby Touch Tray.jpg9

After inspecting all the materials, G moved onto the tray which was more than light enough to inspect, bang and play with. G just looked at the sticky tape for a while and I’m guessing she wondered why it wouldn’t come off like all the other bits…

Baby Touch Tray.jpg11

I didn’t move quickly enough to show her touching the tape but this was her shocked reaction after she’d touched it and got stuck!

Baby Touch Tray.jpg12

After a couple of sticky moments, G decided her favourite material to wave around, feel and scrunch between her hands was the shiny foil.  After some milk and a nap, G went back to this activity and entertained herself whilst I had a cuppa! PERFECT!

Baby Touch Tray.jpg13


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