I have been so ridiculously excited about making this small world and it didn’t disappoint us! For those of you with pets, have you ever noticed how wonderfully cute the miniature pet toys are?  Well, I have been eyeing up the hamster/mouse toys now for AGES dying to make a small world with them! So, here it is… Forest People!

Forest People.jpg5

To make this small world, I used a large plastic box to house it.  I filled it with some artificial leaves I got from Amazon for a couple of pounds a while ago.  These have been and will be used for lots of things and look quite realistic too.  Once I’d done that I simply put in a few of the pet toys I’ve bought.  I got mine from a pet shop but there are similar things in supermarket pet aisles and shops where they sell everything and anything like The Range.  For this small world, I used a wooden hamster roll of logs (£2).  They were attached with a run of wire through them so I could easily bend them into a bridge. I also added a hamster tunnel (£3) and stood it upright to act as a tree house.  All pictured below!  Again, these will be used for so many small worlds and other play so I’m thrilled with the purchase!

Forest People.jpg2

The final pet item was my favourite! A hamster cottage!! It is just GORGEOUS and only cost £5.  The roof comes off so that J is able to play with people inside the house and it has really cute windows all the way round!! It’s real wood and makes the small world look so realistic. It really has the wow factor, perfect for inviting children to play. Finally, I added a few of J’s small world characters and a BIG BAD wolf lurking behind the cottage!Forest People.jpg4

When J saw the forest, he started to giggle and said, ‘I love it Mummy!’  Well, it is pretty lovely isn’t it?  The first thing J noticed was the wolf.  He prowled around making low growling sounds!

Forest People.jpg6

I just loved the conversation Mummy and daughter had on the bridge about what they’d have for dinner!  Small world play really is magical and so powerful for speech and language development.

Forest People.jpg7

We had had lunch out today and one of the lovely boys there had an aeroplane.  By the time we walked back to the car, J was sobbing because he wanted one! I’m not one for spoiling J or giving in to his every request but he’s been an angel this week, so I treated him to it.  He was so thankful and asked if he could use it in the play. It wasn’t quite the same as his friends but that’s all I could find and he was happy anyway!  J also has a best buddy at nursery and the two boys in this play were Josh and Billy! Josh and Billy went on adventure on the plane to get something to get rid of the wolf.  The lovely thing about small world play is it really doesn’t matter where the imagination takes them! It is just a tool to help them use their imagination any way they choose.

Forest People.jpg8

J began with the small world on the table but soon asked me to move it to the floor so he could really get stuck in! I think he was desperate to shrink down and get in there himself!  J also added a truck to the box as they ‘needed a  car to get the petrol for the aeroplane of course!’

Forest People.jpg10

After lots of free play, the wolf came back and J put him in the cottage! Suddenly, I was being treated to an reenactment of Little Red Riding Hood.

Forest People.jpg11

After unloading the dishwasher, I turned to see J had started taking the orange leaves out and lining them up on the table.  He talked about matching them and counted how many he’d found.  I have a feeling there’s going to be a wide variety of play with this small world over the next week and there’ll be a LOT more use out of the lovely new small world pieces from the pet shop! Smile

Forest People.jpg13

What did J learn?

  • Speech and language development
  • Imaginative play
  • Taking on new roles
  • Retelling stories
  • Counting with one-to-one correspondence
  • Matching

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