Baby Problems

For a child to be well rounded and able, they need to be able to think independently, use their problem solving skills and persevere! I believe presenting our babies with simple problems early on can only help in their journey to be these independent thinkers!

Hence, today I gave Baby G some Baby problems! SHE LOVED IT!

All I needed was a transparent plastic cup, a familiar soft toy and two Megablocks! Had them all already, so there was no cost and VERY little effort.

Problem 1: Soft toy in the cup; can you get it out?

This was a super easy one to get G started.  She got soft toy out in one go and had a little play.

Baby Problems.jpg6

Before I presented G with the next problems, I let her have a little play and explore with the two Megablocks.  She loved them and they were nice and easy for her to hold and handle.

Baby Problems.jpg5

Problem 2: Both Megablocks stuck under the cup; can you get them out?

This one proved challenging for Baby G, and involved Mummy bending down and picking them up a lot but she was so engrossed and after a lot of attempts, she managed to remove the cup without knocking the yellow one off! VICTORY!!

Baby Problems

Problem 3: The purple Megablock stuck under the cup; can you get it out?

Baby Problems.jpg2

To begin with G was happy to just play with the yellow one but after a while, she wanted that purple one and tried hard to get it!

Baby Problems.jpg3

Problem 4: Both Megablocks stuck in the cup; can you get them out?

Baby Problems.jpg7

This made me giggle as G managed to get the purple one out in about three attempts and then it looked like she just knocked the yellow one off, thinking ‘ah, I can’t be bothered!’

Baby Problems.jpg9

Problem 5: The Megablocks are stuck together; can you separate them?

Baby Problems.jpg8

Obviously, these problems are far from Rocket Science but for Baby G, they were very tricky and challenging.  You can see by the expression on her face in the photos that she really was thinking, exploring and enjoying her challenges.  Whether you want to call it exploratory investigation, problem solving or play, G enjoyed it and that is what matters more than anything!  As well as anything else, it worked her physical development, control and hand-eye coordination! Smile


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