DIY Disney Planes Maths Game

My son hasn’t even seen Disney Planes yet and he is already a big fan! Isn’t it crazy how the hype around the film even enters little ones minds?! I’m currently deciding about whether or not he’d sit through a film in the cinema! I’d love to take him so we’ll have to wait and see! Regardless as to whether he’s seen it or not, he just KNOWS he likes it! So, after a lunch with friends yesterday, we went to the 99p store as suggested by my friend as she said she’d got an aeroplane from there. Unfortunately, we didn’t find the one her son had but we did find a smaller set of 5 for 99p (obviously!) So, we bought two boxes and J loves them.  So, this afternoon we decided to make a Disney Planes runway!  Well, why not? It’s free and fun!

DIY Disney Planes Maths Game

Firstly, I got an empty cardboard box.  I laid some electrical tape down as the runway and used a permanent marker to make marks on the runway.  I then laid the ten little planes out on the board as if parked and drew lines next to them to make a parking space. Next, I used the tape to draw around to make two heli-pads and marked them with a H inside.  J and I drew a road for the planes to turn around on and the runway was complete.  For the educational, Maths bit…

DIY Disney Planes Maths Game.jpg2

…I used small circular labels and stuck one in each parking space and on the bottom of each plane or helicopter.  I assigned each with a number between 11 and 20.  This would allow J to match the correct plane to the corresponding number.  It also allowed him not only to match but recall and rehearse recognising these numbers.  Obviously, this should be tailored to the stage your child is at.  You could use colours, shapes, numbers 1-10 or 10-100 (counting in tens).  This is truly versatile and would suit ages 2-5 easily.  Ideal for any Disney Planes fans to rehearse various mathematical concepts without realising it! Sneaky!!

DIY Disney Planes Maths Game.jpg3

It goes without saying, there was a lot of flying and funny noises being made by both J and me.  Just the imaginary play with Mummy alone was a valuable experience for J.  Children love make believe play with parents.

DIY Disney Planes Maths Game.jpg4

J decided early on that planes 11 and 12 were ‘rescue planes’ who needed ‘to save planes in problems!’ I love the way he rested the helicopters over the plane.

DIY Disney Planes Maths Game.jpg6

J was very troubled by a number that I know has troubled many children in the past and will continue to do so! Smile He picked up the plane and said, ‘I need to land threeteen.’  I told him the number was actually ‘thirteen’ but he said, ‘no look it’s got a three!’  You can see in the photo below just how adamant and perplexed he was! Bless him! 14,16,17,18 and 19 all make perfect sense so why are 13 and 15 so different?! I think ‘threeteen’ and ‘fiveteen’ would be far more sensible and WAY easier!! Hahaha! Open-mouthed smile

DIY Disney Planes Maths Game.jpg5

J loved playing with this game and as far as J was concerned it was a Disney Planes game because it had the sign! In the photo below, you can see I cut out the Planes sign from a magazine and made it into a sign for the airport! Simple but children love it!

DIY Disney Planes Maths Game.jpg7

For now, this airline is perfect for J.  It’s fun, educational and fulfils J’s interest in the film.  It didn’t stop him shouting up the chimney to Father Christmas tonight asking for Planes toys for Christmas! Sometimes these things are just a fad that last a month or less! Other times, it is a genuine interest! If he’s still interested by Christmas, I may have a chat with Father Christmas myself! Smile Until then, FREE and DIY is good for us!

DIY Disney Planes Maths Game.jpg8

What did J learn?

  • Imaginative play
  • Taking on roles and creating stories
  • Number recognition and recall
  • Learning new numbers
  • Matching


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