Last weeks post on Baby Problems was so popular, I thought I’d do some more! We had some lovely suggestions from the Facebook Mums too so have a look in the ‘Your Precious Play’ album to see those!

The first two problems are inspired by our love of stackers, like the ones pictured below!  We have a fair few of them and they range from the simple (on the left) getting more tricky (in the middle) to the very difficult (right).  The more difficult one is advertised for ages 4 to 99! I’m telling you, I have to think when I’m putting it away!!

Baby Stacker

The problem I have though, is waiting for Baby G to be ready for these! They are just too tricky! So, I’ve made my own for her! I used a kitchen roll holder, some wooden and plastic bangles, a tape tube, an empty cotton bud tub and a velcro roller!  The holes on these are SO big that even baby G can take them off!  She isn’t able to put them back on yet but she has a really good go!

Baby Stacker.jpg2

Problem 1:  Remove the items from the horizontal holder.

Baby Problems 2.jpg7

To say G enjoyed this is an understatement! She loved it!  She was able to remove the items fairly easily but still required concentration.

Baby Problems 2

Look at her holding this one up, ‘got it!’

Baby Problems 2.jpg4

G then encountered her own little problem when the tape roll found it’s way onto her arm! She found this tricky to remove but when she managed to shake it off, she was delighted!

Baby Problems 2.jpg51

Problem 2:  Remove the items from the vertical holder.

This proved a little more challenging for G as she had to fight gravity! She still persevered and succeeded though!

Baby Stacker.jpg4

For older babies, (G is 6 months) they can have the problem of putting them ONTO the kitchen holder.

Baby Stacker.jpg5

Problem 3 (written by M’s Mum.  M is 8 months old):  Remove the items from pencil case.

I gave M an empty pencil case for her to discover and explore.

Precious Play Baby Problems

Then I put the circle shapes in with the zip fully closed at first so they didn’t come straight out and so she knew the shapes were inside. First she scratched and shook…

Precious Play Baby Problems.jpg2

I could see she was quite determined so to make sure she didn’t get frustrated I opened the zip half way and after a few more shakes they flew out.  I think she was quite pleased with herself!

Precious Play Baby Problems.jpg4

After playing with the empty pencil case for a little longer, M attempted to put the shape back in by putting it on top of the case!

Precious Play Baby Problems.jpg6

Thank you! She looks like she was VERY engrossed! Smile


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