For those of you who are new to my blog, I have a bit of a thing for collecting balls (This older post will explain why!!) For those who have followed for a while, the balls are back, along with some new rolling items!! This time we are having some fun with a ramp for Baby but would also be great for the one – two year old’s!

In our basket, we have a range of sensory balls (picked up from various places for around £1 – £2.)  We also have a mini rain-maker which is a cylinder shape and will therefore roll of course and G’s first car! Can you tell I’m excited by the car?! Open-mouthed smile

Roll n Discover Baby With Precious play

As always, Baby G was not shy about getting stuck in and firstly discovering what was in the basket.  Before we started any ramp rolling, I just wanting Baby G to have free, uninterrupted play independently.  It’s important for children to learn to play independently from a young age.  They shouldn’t feel they have to rely on an adult to discover and learn through play.  How will they ever be independent learners if everything they do is directed by an adult?  As well as this being beneficial for the children; it also means we get to have a cuppa!!

Roll n Discover Baby With Precious play.jpg2

Through this discovery session, the different textures and colours of the balls developed G’s senses.  The fact they rolled away from her meant she was able to develop her gross motor skills as she stretched to reach them.  If your baby is crawling, balls are fantastic to get them moving and rehearsing this skill.

Roll n Discover Baby With Precious play.jpg4

This photo shows perfectly the stage G was at when we first started rolling the items down the ramp! She was unaware, paying no attention and oblivious to what was about to happen!  To ‘make’ the ramp, I simple used one of G’s changing mats and propped it against the sofa! No glue required!! Winking smile

Roll n Discover Baby With Precious play.jpg5

Once G noticed what was happening, she flapped her arms and got very excited watching the items roll down the ramp.  Sometimes they landed right next to her and other times they rolled straight past her.  She looked all around to find it and then would flap her arms with delight.

Roll n Discover Baby With Precious play.jpg7

This is the BEST bit!! Firstly, it’s great because G played with her first car for the first time! Besides that, I caught the BEST learning and discovery for Baby G on camera! Here goes the car…

Roll n Discover Baby With Precious play.jpg6

The learning captured below sums up that play is, quite frankly, invaluable and utterly PRECIOUS!

Roll n Discover Baby With Precious play.jpg9


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