3D Tug

Baby G has loved the feeling of pulling things since a very young age (See Baby Grab and Pull Game).  In many ways, this activity is a progression from the previously mentioned game.  G is now able to sit independently with confidence and therefore adding the challenge of manipulating the box adds extra enjoyment.  I have also published a video of Baby G playing this game and you can view it here…

3D Tug

To make the activity I used; empty cardboard box, variety of ribbons, and pair of scissors to puncture the holes.  As you can see in the photo below, I tied knots to one end of the ribbons to stop them from being pulled out of the box entirely.  Although this makes this much safer, I would not leave Baby G alone with an activity such as this.

3D Tug.jpg2

To present the activity to G, I pulled the ribbons inside the box, with just a little teaser sticking out…  I could’ve covered the box to make it look pretty but there really is no need as G was perfectly happy as it was.

3D Tug.jpg3

G really found it quite challenging to steady the box and get a firm grip for the first five minutes but she’s a persistent little soul and and just kept going!  By the end of this first go at playing with 3D Tug, she was amazing – as the video shows.  She’s played with this since and is now a MASTER!

3D Tug.jpg4

You can see in the photo below, the finger/hand workout this gives Baby G.  Not only does is develop her dexterity but also her hand-eye coordination.

3D Tug.jpg5

As well as having a good old taste of the ribbon, G moved the box around and explored each of the boxes faces.  Great first exploration of a 3D shape!

3D Tug.jpg8

As G was engrossed in her play, she ‘chatted’ away to the ribbons and to me, and really explored the textures and colours.  (Again this is shown in the video!)  I kept quiet for a lot of the time as I wanted G to explore in peace! I did keep the excitement alive by saying, ‘What’s that?’ every now and then! I also modelled another way to explore the box and gave it a tap like a drum.  Obviously you can’t force children to play in any way but you can model potential ways to play and if they’re interested, they’ll attempt it too. (Video) G played with utter concentration and interest and 3D Tug has kept her entertained throughout the day. I just KNOW she will get much more play with it over the coming weeks.

3D Tug.jpg10

Look at my little girl, so grown up she knows to steady the box with one hand and pull the ribbon with the other and she’s only been here for seven months… just incredible aren’t they?

3D Tug.jpg11



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