Look Who’s Talking

Speech and language development is something that is happening from day one. Encouraging this through everyday routine is something we all (hopefully) do naturally.  At times it is nice to have a game for baby totally dedicated to talk!

I don’t know if we’re the only ones who accumulated a large array of soft toys within the first month of our babies being born?  I’m sure a lot of those soft toys are on a shelf happily collecting dust! It was only when J hit the age of around two that he showed any interest in soft toys.  They now accompany him to bed and he plays with them when he’s in his own little world.  It’s not safe to send baby to bed with soft toys though, so this is a perfect way to make use of them and develop baby’s language at the same time.

Look Who's Talking

Babies love looking at faces so try and choose soft toys with obvious eyes, nose and mouth.  I put a little collection of soft toys in front of G and left her to play. Straight away she starting grabbing for them…

Look Who's Talking.jpg2

At first, she looked and flapped her arms and seemingly waited for the soft toys to start the conversation… she waited and waited….

Look Who's Talking.jpg3

Eventually she got fed up of waiting and the gabbling began… she shouted, screamed, ooohed, arred and even through in a few ‘dadadada’… This went on for around five minutes and then she started grabbing them for a cuddle/taste/play.

Look Who's Talking.jpg5

After plenty of stretching and reaching, G fell back and had a relax… she didn’t relax her talking though, she lay there talking to her stripy toy for ages… I just wish I knew what she was saying! Smile

Look Who's Talking.jpg7..


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