Texture Treasure Basket

For this treasure basket, I tried to incorporate things G hadn’t experienced before as I knew this would engage her for longer and of course she would broaden her experience of texture.

In the basket, I included:

  • nail brush
  • velcro roller
  • a sponge
  • a flannel
  • a wooden bangle
  • a wooden flower shape
  • a soft, fluffy bunny
  • an exfoliation brush
  • Sophie the giraffe

Textures Treasure Basket.jpg1

After eyeing up the basket for a few seconds, G went straight for the brightest, largest item (the flannel).  She flapped it, mouthed it, threw it, stretched for it and then dismissed it for an explore with everything else.  She was very thorough though I must say!

Rough, Smooth and fluffy Treasure Basket

As with most things, the items had a little time spent in G’s mouth, which means that quite obviously, whilst it is lovely for our babies to play with a variety of items, they should NEVER be left alone with them.  Mouthing is all part of their natural curiosity, particularly as they are being weaned and finding out what’s tasty and what’s not! G decided this was most definitely not.

Textures Treasure Basket.jpg2

Having a play with the basket, is also good for G’s development of her core muscles.  Sitting unaided, stretching and reaching for items she has flung away will also help her to eventually get moving. J was a fairly late crawler and I remember being desperate for him to craw.  The difference with the second child? I am in NO rush whatsoever!!

Textures Treasure Basket.jpg3

The different shapes of the items means G has to use different grips to hold and explore the items, so this is good for her dexterity too.

Textures Treasure Basket.jpg4

G had a wonderful time with this treasure basket this afternoon and played with it for a couple of 30 minute sessions.  The funny thing was, the only item left untouched both times was the actual toy and Sophie is a favourite too!  Typical hey?!

Textures Treasure Basket.jpg7


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