I am SO excited about this post.  This is the first Precious Play Pals post and it is lovely. Written by Claire Campbell and played by little Lilli.  Thank you so much Claire and despite all the technical hitches today, hopefully you will feel really pleased with it! It’s fab! Thank you…

Invitation to Play Precious Play Pal DIY Shape Sorter

Lilli loves to explore new play opportunities and became very excited today when she discovered the game I had set up for her in her room. I had placed three cereal boxes on her toy box with a different shape cut out of each, a circle, square and triangle. On the floor next to her toy box, I had put a ‘treasure’ basket for her to explore and investigate…DIY Shape Sorter Precious Play Pals.jpg3

As Lilli walked into her room she became very excited about the boxes on her toy box and began exploring them. Lilli picked up each box in turn and compared them. She was keen to show me her findings and point out what shapes she had discovered, a circle, square and triangle…

DIY Shape Sorter Precious Play Pals.jpg5

Lilli explored the cereal boxes for some time, but eventually noticed the ‘treasure’ basket and once again became very excited. She asked a number of times, “what’s this Mummy?” before she lifted the lid to find out.

DIY Shape Sorter Precious Play Pals.jpg7

Lilli’s curiosity went into overdrive when she discovered all the various objects in the basket and was keen to explore each one carefully.

DIY Shape Sorter Precious Play Pals.jpg9

As she explored the objects, Lilli began separating the objects into groups. She looked for praise as she held up the objects to me and named them.

DIY Shape Sorter Precious Play Pals.jpg8

Lilli explored the objects in the basket for a long period of time and let her imagination run wild. For example, when she found the small candle, she began to sing happy birthday to herself and then pretended to blow it out, and when she found a pompom, she put it on her nose and said, “I’m Mr Tumble Mummy.”

DIY Shape Sorter Precious Play Pals.jpg10

As she continued exploring the objects, it didn’t seem as though she was going to use the boxes during her play, so I asked her if she could find something that was the same shape as the circle and told her she could post it in the post box. Lilli found something straight away and posted it in. She then began sorting the objects once again and posted them in the appropriate box.

DIY Shape Sorter Precious Play PalsDIY Shape Sorter Precious Play Pals.jpg4

Lilli had lots of fun exploring the shape play today, and was engrossed in her play for some time. She demonstrated lots of speech and was confident in naming the shapes and posting them in the correct boxes. She even asked to play again later in the day…

DIY Shape Sorter Precious Play Pals.jpg6

Love the victory dance at the end Claire and Lilli!! Open-mouthed smile Thank you again for a lovely post.  I really think this ‘DIY shape sorter’ with it’s real objects offers so much more than the shop-bought ones!

If you are interested in becoming a Precious Play Pal, please email me at preciousplay123@googlemail.com


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