We’re currently in the middle of a pile of boxes at home as we’re beginning the momentous task of packing to move home! We couldn’t be around all these boxes and not have a some box play could we?

J has a real fascination for all things space/planets/aliens.  I’ve had these 3D glowing planets stored away for a good time to use them and this seemed perfect.

For this I used:

  • An empty large cardboard box
  • 3D glow in the dark planets
  • Wool
  • Tape
  • Aliens (luckily I picked up so glow in the dark ones!!!!!) Who is more excited?
  • Glow in the dark pens

Alien Planets.jpg2

Unfortunately, as with all glow in the dark things, photo’s do not show the effect.  Trust me though, it looked FABULOUS!  First, I threaded some wool through each of the planets and stuck them to the ceiling of the box.  I also put a non –fiction book about space and ‘Whatever Next’ by the box to share some stories/information before J played.

Alien Planets.jpg6

Then by drawing little stars in glow in the dark pen, I wrote the letters from J’s name in the box and numbers on the other side.

Alien Planets.jpg3

Finally, I added the glow in the dark aliens and we were good to go.

Alien Planets.jpg4

I didn’t take many photos as to be honest, they didn’t capture the glow in the dark element of it and that upset me!! Big kid aren’t I.

J immediately declared it was his ‘alien planet’.  He oohed and arrrged a lot and asked which planets were which.  Thank goodness I’d read the book before hand! Hahaha! He noticed the numbers, the letters and generally explored what he could see.

Alien Planets.jpg11

After this, he promptly shut me out and closed the lid of the box.  It was so lovely/amusing listening to him play in the box.  As he couldn’t see me, I think he forgot I was out there and was SO engrossed in his imaginary play.  It was honestly quite magical listening to him.

Alien Planets.jpg7

J soon emerged from the box (when the oxygen was low!!) and brought the large alien with him.  He introduced him to me and showed him earth! Apparently, our front room is Africa and the people are ‘very friendly!’

Alien Planets.jpg9

J went back to the planet to examine the planets further and began talking about things he’d remembered from the information book… yes naturally… through play… brilliant!

Alien Planets.jpg10

Eventually, J found earth and ripped it out of the box because it ‘shouldn’t be in alien land Mummy!’  Lovely, imaginative play from a box! They always were the best toys weren’t they?!

Alien Planets.jpg12

What did J learn?

  • Imaginative and creative role play
  • Explored planets
  • Letter and number recognition
  • Speech and language development

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