Baby Sensory Egg Box

A very simple idea for baby and toddler here and set up time is around one minute! Great for sensory exploration as well as an introduction for toddler into colour, size, shape and texture vocabulary! All from some objects in an egg box!

To make this activity I simply:

  1. Kept an empty egg box.
  2. Gathered some of J’s plastic food with different colours, shapes and textures and put an item in each section of the box.

Baby Sensory Egg Box.jpg2

To present this to G, I simply closed the lid as far as it would go and this left a lovely tempting box for play time!  If you don’t have play food, you could use any brightly coloured objects preferably with a nice texture.

Baby Sensory Egg Box

Immediately, G tipped the box and the contents spilled out.  She loved it and was gasping and panting her way through the game.  This would be a nice way to introduce the concept of colour to toddlers.  Just mentioning it as they play exposes children to this colour concept and this is how they will eventually learn to recognise them.

Baby Sensory Egg Box.jpg2.jpg3.jpg4

G is loving trying to clap at the moment and holding two pieces of plastic fruit, one in each hand, meant when she clapped, it made a sound…

Baby Sensory Egg Box.jpg6

… she was so proud of herself and after this game today, as well as going back to the box for more play, she also practised clapping her hands without the fruit items.

Baby Sensory Egg Box.jpg7

As G explored the different items, I modelled putting them back into the box.  She enjoyed taking them out again every time… sometimes picking the item up….

Baby Sensory Egg Box.jpg8

… and other times, just picking up the box and shaking it around! She also liked banging, scratching and stroking the egg box.  She was so engaged by it and liked flapping the lid open and shut.  I must admit, I’m yet to meet a child who doesn’t love an egg box!! Strange but very true!

Baby Sensory Egg Box.jpg9

G’s favourite item was the plastic corn on the cob, she passed this from one hand to the other, turning it as she did so and babbling to herself.  I also think she liked the feel of the bumps on her tender gums.

Baby Sensory Egg Box.jpg10

After lots of play, my lovely baby girl managed to put an item INTO the egg box! It was a total fluke as she hasn’t done it since and she’s played with it a lot today but I was very proud and clapped my hands for her! This egg box also provided entertainment for my crawling niece this afternoon and the girls actually played with it together, occasionally both wanting the egg box but who hasn’t argued over an egg box in their life?? 😀Baby Sensory Egg Box.jpg11


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