Colour Egg Carton

A huge thank you to the lovely Nicola King and Lola for playing this game and letting us know how it went.  A lovely activity for the 2-3’s (younger and older would like it too I think).  Have a read of the Invitation to Play and then see how Nicola and Lola enjoyed it…

Invitation to Play Precious Play Pal Colour Egg Carton

To set up this activity I coloured the 6 segments of an egg box a different colour, then made a corresponding coloured spot which I glued onto a golf ball.

Colour Egg Carton

I set the closed egg box and the balls separately in front of L and then left them to see what she did with them.  The first thing she did was balance the balls in the back of the egg box, at this point she hadn’t opened the egg box. She did this for a while balancing them on top saying, ‘look mummy, they stay on.’

Colour Egg Carton.jpg5

After a while she opened the egg box and was excited to see the coloured segments inside.

Colour Egg Carton.jpg4

She then randomly started to put the balls into the egg box and open and close the lid.

Colour Egg Carton.jpg8Colour Egg Carton.jpg3

After doing this for a while, she then took out all of the balls and started to examine the spots on the balls. I hadn’t included myself in the activity at all and left it all to her.

She then picked each ball up and correctly matched it into its corresponding coloured segment in the egg box. As she was doing this, she named the colours as she put them in.

Colour Egg Carton.jpg2Colour Egg Carton.jpg6

After placing all the correct colours into the egg box, I then spoke to her about what she had done and she told me she has put blue in blue etc. etc. and she said, ‘same, same’ as she showed me what she had done.

Colour Egg Carton.jpg7

A lovely post Nicola and L.  You certainly are a clever girl L.  I’m glad you enjoyed your game.  Thank you again Nicola, it’s so nice reading and seeing how others get on with Precious Play.

If you are interested in becoming a Precious Play Pal, please email me


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