Here’s another entertaining Halloween type activity! J found this one hysterical! In fact I haven’t heard him belly laugh so much; I thought he was going to explode… This was down to my Oscar winning performances as I pretended to eat his disgusting dishes!  We had such a giggle with it I was on the verge of tears! Please don’t say I’m the only person who, when having a lovely giggle with my babies, suddenly thinks how happy they make me and then the giggles almost turn into tears!! Happy tears of course!

For those who didn’t see Slimy Spiders post yesterday, I’m not a fan of scaring my child and so scary Halloween is avoided in our house! I have tried to make it a more yucky/funny experience so when J does come across Halloween type things, he isn’t scared.  This is just my personal preference, I’m not trying to say I’m right and preach in anyway!! Promise!

For this activity, we used

  • J’s play kitchen (not essential)
  • Various kitchen utensils (play ones)
  • A real saucepan (for extra interest)
  • Play dough (Red for stinky scabs, white for ghostly goop and mixed colour for Blobs)
  • Googly eyes
  • Spiders

Frightening Feast.jpg5

By simply adding Mummy’s real saucepan to the kitchen encouraged J to use it.  He does play with it but keeping it fresh and adding new things means J uses it more than he would if it just became an ornament in the room.

Frightening Feast

J couldn’t wait to add the ingredients to the pan and ‘yuked’ and giggled as he did so.  ‘I’m making this for you Mummy’ he sniggered!

Frightening Feast.jpg3

Recreating what they see is an essential part of play.  It develops language, understanding and encourages them to observe what they see.  As he played, J warned G about safety and being careful around hot things.

Frightening Feast.jpg4

J made some lovely Spider Muffins and Insect Pancakes developing his fine motor skills and the ability to cut using a knife… Something we are rehearsing at dinner time!

Frightening Feast.jpg6

J also discovered that he could make prints in the play dough with the spiders and found it fascinating.  He compared the number of legs on the print with the number of legs on the plastic spider.

Frightening Feast.jpg7

No greater enjoyment came though than when J offered Mummy his creations! ‘I promise this one is yummy Mummy!’ Then giggling fits when Mummy ‘ate’ the sandwich/muffin/pizza and so on.

Frightening Feast.jpg8

Look what my little angel made for his Mummy! Honestly, kids these days eh! Winking smile

Frightening Feast.jpg9

What did J learn?

  • Recreating roles and experiences
  • Imaginative and creative play
  • Fine motor development
  • Cutting skills
  • Comparison

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