Well it goes without saying that Baby G is at the ‘let’s put that in my mouth’ faze and will be for a long while to come.  However, I really wanted her to have a play dough experience.  J plays with play dough daily and hands up I’m yet to make my own! Not because I don’t know how, I just haven’t got around to it yet! Please don’t judge me! Winking smile  I often see G flapping her arms and eyeing up the loveliness that is play dough and so I came up with a way she could experience it whilst giving me enough time to whip it away from her before mouth action! If I gave Baby G a lump of play dough, I know she’d put it straight in her mouth whereas this way, she has to experience the texture of it before she can even pick it up to put it in her mouth! NB: DO NOT leave baby with play dough to play independently! I literally sat on her like a hawk to ensure nothing went even near her mouth.  I must say, she absolutely LOVED it and not a close call in sight!

First Play Dough

I used a large pizza tray and two pots of play dough.

To prepare this for Baby G, I simply spread the play dough out onto the pizza tray ensuring there were not gaps/holes. It did take me about ten minutes to do but I can genuinely say it was worth it.  The play time would have lasted longer had her older brother not got in on the action! Next time though, this will be for G and G alone! Did you hear that J?  *whispers in a discreet voice* I actually love playing with play dough, I find it relaxing! So this was also a nice little break for me too! Open-mouthed smile

First Play Dough.jpg2

I presented G with the play dough and the face in the photo below says it all!

First Play Dough.jpg3

It wasn’t long before J got involved! We’re play dough fans…  J pushed his fingers into the dough and G seemed to copy him.

First Play Dough.jpg4

G then noticed that she could dig her fingers in and pull the play dough up.  This had been the idea behind spreading it out.  I wanted her to really feel the texture of the play dough and putting this little job in the way meant she had to play with it before it went for you know where!

First Play Dough.jpg5

Just look at the concentration and determination on her little face? Oh, I just adore her!

First Play Dough.jpg8

I love the photo below.  This time it was J who copied G and he too began peeling up the play dough! The look on G’s face says a million words… along the lines of… ‘this, my friend, is my game!’

First Play Dough.jpg7

The reason this worked so well, is as G managed to peel up the play dough, she would inspect what she had achieved. This would be quickly followed by a mouth open and hand moving towards the open orifice but hawk-eyed Mummy was there to then remove the play dough.  She didn’t get frustrated, she just went back to the tray to peel off some more!

First Play Dough.jpg9

As I say, had G not had help from her brother she would have played with this for a lot longer. As it was, it was all over within 15 minutes.  I’ll know for next time though and G has a new favourite sensory experience! Baby Play dough!

First Play Dough.jpg10


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