Story Bubbles

This is such a lovely post written by Claire Wilshee and played by lovely little Daisy.  Daisy is three in December.  Thank you for playing and letting me know how it went, I’m delighted Daisy got so much enjoyment from it… I especially enjoyed reading the story Daisy came up with during play!

Invitation to Play Precious Play Pal Story Bubbles

Our activity was to find 2 small world figures, a boat and an animal to chase the characters. I was asked to put some water and lots and lots and lots of bubbles into a bowl, (we used the washing up bowl) then to hide the figures in the bubbles. I also added blue food colouring to the water to make it even more exciting. The figures I chose to use were a princess, a brave knight, a Rhino, and a bath toy boat.

Story Bubbles.jpg6

I placed the bowl onto the playroom floor and invited Daisy over to have a look. She knelt down by the bowl and immediately spotted the boat, she picked it up, dropped it back in, picked it up again then said, “wowwww a sail boat.” She placed the boat back into the “sea” and asked if I could blow the bubbles to make the boat sail across the sea.

Story Bubbles.jpg4

After repeating this for a few minutes, Daisy caught a glimpse of something blue, “Mummy I can see…. MIKE THE KNIGHT!” She then explored the bubbles to see if she could find anything else.

“Oh noooo not a Rhino.” “Oh look a beautiful princess!” Daisy then started telling me a story about the figures.

Story Bubbles.jpg3

“Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess called Rapunzel. She sailed all the way home. Then a Mike the Knight came from under the water.

‘Oh, who are you?’

‘I’m Mike the Knight.’

‘Oh ok.’

Then there was a Rhino and he stomped!! Oh noooo he splashed and stomped on Mike the Knight. He has to go to his family. Then a princess came on a sail boat and she saved Mike the knight. Then there were two rhinos so the rhino had a friend”

Story Bubbles.jpg2
After Daisy’s story she realised that the Rhino and the princess had holes in the bottom of the figures which had filled with water. I then placed a piece of paper next to the bowl and without saying anything, Daisy got each figure and made then stomp across the paper. She then told me they were leaving footprints. We discussed which figure we thought would make the biggest footprint. Daisy guessed the princess, and sure enough she was correct!!

Story Bubbles

Daisy (whilst elbow deep in bubbles) said, “this is amazing.” She really enjoyed this activity and needed very little support the whole way through. I loved that her story involved the knight being the one in trouble and the princess being the one to rescue him instead of the other way round like we see so often in fairy tales and Disney films!!! Brilliant activity, so simple to set up yet the child gets so much from it!

Story Bubbles.jpg5

Thank you so much for a lovely post Claire.  I loved Daisy’s story, she obviously is read to a lot!

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