3 Activities With a Roll of Wallpaper

Who knew a roll of wallpaper could provide so much entertainment?  Here are just three ways to have lots of fun with a roll of wallpaper.  They all develop gross motor skills (large scale movements) and coordination.  They also help with fine motor development, creativity and knowledge about the body! Rolls of wallpaper can be picked up from various places for only a pound or two and are easily stored.

3 activities with a roll of wallpaper Precious Play

Activity 1: Gross Motor Maze

You will need:

  • Wallpaper
  • Felt tip pen
  • Two toy cars

I simply drew put a maze/obstacle course for J’s cars… I drew zig zag lines for ‘Zig Zag Alley,’ wiggly lines for ‘Wiggle Walk’ and a maze to finish off.  I labelled them so that J could see print.  Whenever possible, I put letters and print to show J in a natural way that letters have a meaning.

Gross Motor Maze.jpg5

The only rule:  the cars are not allowed outside the lines as I wanted J to control the cars and develop his fine and gross motor skills in the process.

Gross Motor Maze

As J played he also crawled.  Crawling is fantastic for children (babies).  It is the cross lateral movement of opposite leg and arm that help make the links from one side of the brain to the other.  The links made between both sides of the brain enhances the ability to learn. When a child crawls, the repetitive movement stimulates the parts of the brain that control processes such as comprehension, concentration and memory. Therefore it is invaluable later in life for reading, writing and sports activities.  So encouraging cross lateral movement in our young children will definitely benefit them.

Gross Motor Maze.jpg2


Activity 2: Mega Canvas

You will need:

  • Wallpaper
  • Felt tip pen

J was so excited to just be able to draw ‘really big!’  This couldn’t be simpler to set up and it is fabulous for motor development both fine and gross.  I simply rolled out the paper and put some felt pens down.

Mega Canvas 1

J began by doing massive squiggles and just enjoying being able to draw MASSIVE pictures!

Gross Motor Maze.jpg4 - Copy

J drew a really big face (you can see the eyes in the photo below) and positioned his body in various child-like poses as he drew; lying, squatting, sitting, kneeling – again all fabulous for his physical development, control and coordination.

Mega Canvas.jpg3

The thing that made me giggle was before J drew the enormous face above, he drew a teeny tiny ‘Jester.’ He also wrote Joshua under and did so in really tiny letters! All that space and he wanted a ‘cute’ drawing! He is funny!

Mega Canvas

My favourite creation though was the ‘huge Josh towers attached by a bridge!’  I just loved the vocabulary he used… ‘attached!’

Mega Canvas.jpg5

Activity 3: My Body

You will need:

  • Wallpaper
  • Felt tip pen

I asked J to lie down on the floor and I drew around him!  Lying still was definitely a challenge!

My Body

Next I said to J, ‘Oh no, the poor boy has no face, hair or anything! What shall we do?’ 

My Body.jpg2

J lay on top of ‘himself’ and began with the hair and the face! It’s been a while since J last had tummy time! The funny thing was, before J drew the face, he felt it was crucial the boy had finger nails, you can just about see the lines on the ends of the fingers! Hahaha!

My Body.jpg3

J wasn’t keen on swapping colours but he did draw the face very well (he wasn’t happy with one of the eyes though so the boy ended up with three!)

My Body.jpg4

J being J, he didn’t draw tummy buttons or clothes, no he drew the heart and lungs! Fair enough the heart is actually located in the boys neck but I was quite impressed!

My Body.jpg5

What did J learn?

  • Gross motor development
  • Fine motor development
  • Control & coordination
  • Cross lateral links
  • Body parts
  • Speech and language
  • Creativity

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