Baby Ice-Cream Play Dough

After playing with play dough for the first time this week, G now has a new fixation! She squeals when she sees J playing with it so I came up with another way for G to experience play dough in a slightly different way today.  If you didn’t see Baby First Play Dough Experience you can view it here!  My baby, as with all other babies puts everything straight into her mouth. Play dough is obviosly NOT safe for babies to put in their mouth so supervision it essential.  The point of the way I’m presenting the play dough for Baby G is that it is squished into a tray of some kind so Baby G has to work at it to get some out! Hence experiencing the play dough texture before the inevitable attempt to have a good taste! Obviously, I am sat with her to ENSURE that nothing gets into her mouth and therefore it is a safe way for her to experience the play dough.

Today I simply got an empty Melissa and Doug box and put three different colours of play dough into it.

Baby Ice-Cream Role Play Dough

Next, I put several wide lolly sticks into the play dough and presented it to Baby G!

Baby Ice-Cream Role Play Dough.jpg2

To begin with G was very happy just to examine, pull, prod and grab the lolly sticks. This is fabulous for developing G’s dexterity and the beginning of find motor workouts! *Please remember the lolly sticks may have bits of play dough attached to them once removed so DO NOT allow baby to put them in their mouth.*  An older baby/toddler would also attempt to stick the lolly sticks back into the play dough which again it lovely for fine motor development and control.  Baby G is a little too young for that part right now.

Baby Ice-Cream Role Play Dough.jpg4

As I’ve said before, G is loving attempting to clap at the moment and also banging objects together. So grasping a lolly stick in each hand meant she got to make some Baby music all of her own!

Baby Ice-Cream Role Play Dough.jpg5Baby Ice-Cream Role Play Dough.jpg6

After a while, G noticed the lovely play dough under all of the sticks! The sticks were then ditched the the experimentation to get the play dough out began!

Baby Ice-Cream Role Play Dough.jpg7

She just loves it and I can’t bring myself not to let her play with it now! Even though it means I literally have to sit, ready to pounce as soon as it heads for the mouth!  It’s totally worth it!Baby Ice-Cream Role Play Dough.jpg10

G only ever managed to get tiny bits like in the photo below and actually examined it by opening and closing her hand, passing it from one hand to the other before trying to eat it!

Baby Ice-Cream Role Play Dough.jpg9

So, did Baby G enjoy her play dough activity?  Was it worth doing it even though I had to keep taking it off her to put back in the box so she couldn’t eat it? The answer? Absolutely! Just look at the face below when eventually, I took it away so that we could go for a walk?  Says it all really!

Baby Ice-Cream Role Play Dough.jpg11


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