Thank you to Sarah and the wonderful children at her play group who had a go with this game.  Sadly, due to low funds they couldn’t quite play as I’d suggested but played a simplified version of the activity.  They look like they had lots of fun.  If you run a playgroup and are low on funds, maybe asking the parents to save up scrap paper/card would help with the creative activities.  How does you play group do it?

For playgroups or if you are having a party, this is a perfect little game.  As well as providing a creative activity to do during the play/party, it also allows for a way to end the session/party with a game that can be played all together. Chanting the colours as mentioned in the ‘invitation to play;’ is also an excellent way to reinforce the colour names in a fun, exciting way.Invitation to Play Precious Play Pal Colour Game Play Group or Party

Natasha asked our playgroup to make this game and play it as a group. Firstly we got the children to paint 6 paper plates different colours, discussing the colours as we did.  We also wanted to stick coloured feathers etc on to the same coloured plate, but being a non profit playgroup all our money had gone on the Halloween party!

Party Colour Game.jpg3
We then got six of the parents to hold the plates around the hall and I would shout out a colour and the Mum with that plate would shout and do a strange dance. 🙂

Party Colour Game.jpg4

The kids loved this game as it was a brilliant excuse to run around and show off their colour knowledge.  We found that the younger children were finding it easier to find colours the more we played as well. The simplicity of the game made it usable for a wide range of ages!

Party Colour Game.jpg2
After playing this for over 15 minutes (the kids would have carried on for a lot longer) we had to tidy up! We will definitely be using this game again in playgroup as its both fun and educational.  Thank you Natasha 🙂

Party Colour Game

Again, thank you Sarah for lovely write up and photos.  If you are interested in being a Precious Play Pal, email preciousplay123@googlemail.com


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