Another FABULOUS post by the gorgeous Lilli and Mummy Claire.  Thank you ladies, it’s great.  Glad you had so much fun with it! Smile

Invitation to Play Precious Play Pal Squirty Number Fun

Lilli is very keen to explore and investigate new play opportunities, so as expected, she became very excited when she discovered the game I had set up for her this afternoon. For this game, we used a turkey baster, magnetic numbers, muffin trays and some water…

Squirty Number Fun.jpg2

Lilli began her play by looking closely at everything set out.  She was excited to touch everything and discover what she had been given to play with. Lilli is familiar with all the objects for this activity, except the turkey baster, which she seemed confused about and asked, “what’s this for Mommy?” I demonstrated how to use it and encouraged Lilli to try to use it herself independently…

Squirty Number Fun.jpg8

At first Lilli struggled to use the turkey baster effectively to suck up the water, but she was very persistent and continued to try until she achieved what she wanted. She was so proud of herself when she did it and began singing to herself, “I did it, I did it”! Once Lilli had discovered how to use the turkey baster, she enjoyed exploring what she could do with it. She realised that if she squeezed it while it was in the water, it made bubbles, and shouted, “look Mommy I’m making bubbles.”

Squirty Number Fun

After allowing Lilli to explore for some time, I encouraged her to start squirting some of the numbers in the trays. I asked her firstly to find and squirt number three, which she managed quite easily. I then asked her to find number one and squirt that. As she began looking at the numbers, she seemed to stop in her play, and began to move some of the numbers around. When I asked her what she was doing she said, “It’s not right Mommy, one goes first”. Lilli spent some time rearranging the numbers in the trays and even swapped some of them with the spares numbers I had left out.

Squirty Number Fun.jpg5

After rearranging the numbers in the trays, Lilli then began playing with the turkey baster again and started saying which number she was going to squirt with the water. Lilli seemed very confident now, and was definitely enjoying herself!

Squirty Number Fun.jpg6

After playing for quite some time, I asked Lilli if she could be very careful and drop just two drops of water on the number two. She tried very hard, but couldn’t manage it. I then asked her if she could drop one baby drop of water on the number one? Again Lilli struggled to do this, so began squirting the numbers how she had previously been doing it! Lilli also began demonstrating her imagination… She held the turkey baster up in the air by her nose and said, “Mummy, look I’m an elephant!”

Squirty Number Fun.jpg3

Lilli’s play seemed to go in a different direction now and she decided to get her ducks and put them in the water. She then started to sing two little ducks! Lilli really enjoyed this activity and played for quite some time. This is definitely a game we will play again!

Squirty Number Fun.jpg11

(Lilli asked me to play this game again just before lunch, and she is still completely engrossed in her play! I hope you don’t mind, but I put the numbers in very randomly as we’ve been doing a bit of number sequencing.)

Claire, what a clever girl you have! She is fab! Of course, you could have put the numbers however you wanted.  I would’ve put them randomly too as this is another learning opportunity.  I love that she loved it and I have read this several times and it makes me smile every time!  Using the turkey baster is a fab fine motor work out too! Love it! Thank you! Smile


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