I’ve been really looking forward to making some Sensory Bottles for Baby G and now that she is attempting to move around more, I felt it was a perfect time to introduce them to her.

To make them I gathered three empty plastic bottles, two clear and one with a green tint.  I washed them out and got the Milton on the outside as I knew they would be well gummed! (Lots of teething going on now too!)

Sensory Baby Bottles

Once they were dry inside and out, I added different sensory items to each bottle.

Bottle 1: Water and star shaped confetti.

Bottle 2: Uncooked baby pasta and rice.

Bottle 3: Baby oil, water and blue food colouring.

Before I let Baby G loose on the bottles, I glued the lids on using PVA (school glue) and then for extra safety, I put some brown tape over the lid too.  Once the glue had chance to dry, Baby G could explore and discover…

Sensory Baby Bottles.jpg2

The water and stars allowed for lots of lovely sounds to be made by G.  She shook and shook, giggling her little head off as she did so. She really enjoyed the sloshing sound watching the stars swish around.

Sensory Baby Bottles.jpg3

She tried her hardest to scratch the stars out of the bottle. Obviously, allowing G to play with these stars at the moment wouldn’t be safe, so this is a good introduction to them and she was mesmerised.

Sensory Baby Bottles.jpg5

Putting the bottles in front of her meant that she had choice and being bottles they rolled away from her too, ensuring she got to rehearse the ability to move, stretch and reach for them.  These will be a lovely toy for G to play with now and when she starts crawling.  A perfect, easy and cheap toy for crawling babies.

Sensory Baby Bottles.jpg6

The green bottle with baby pasta and rice in was definitely a noise maker.  Not only from G shaking it A LOT but also due to the squeals of delight it encouraged from Baby G as she played!

Sensory Baby Bottles.jpg7

Another element with the green bottle was simply the colour.  G thought is was hysterical when she pressed it against her face turning everything green.  Wish I’d had more tinted bottles! Note to self… must buy more drinks in coloured, plastic bottles!

Sensory Baby Bottles.jpg8

The nice thing about the green bottle rolling was the quieter noise it made.  She rolled it back and forth for a good five minutes.

Sensory Baby Bottles.jpg10

The last of the bottles was the oil, water and food colouring.  This formed a lava lamp kind of effect and G though it was a little strange!

Sensory Baby Bottles.jpg11

Perfect photo below captures G’s expression pretty much the whole time she played with this bottle! I think she found it rather peculiar! Bless her!

Sensory Baby Bottles.jpg12

It was lovely watching G inspect what was happening in the bottle.  She really looked!

Sensory Baby Bottles.jpg13


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