G is loving this Baby Posting activity as she is just beginning to put items inside things.  This activity would be great for babies and toddlers. (In fact it has proven very popular with her 3 year old brother too!)

For this activity I used:

  • An empty milk tub
  • Some sensory balls I had made a while back! (See here)

Baby Post

I simply cut out a hole at the base of the milk tub and cut the lid off.  This enabled an easy in and out posting game for Baby G.

Baby Post 6

G used the bottom hole mainly to put the balls inside at first and liked being able to pick them out too.

Baby Post 2

I must say, these sensory balls have been a great home-made toy as I made them a long time ago and they are still going strong.  They either rattle or have interesting items inside to look at.

Baby Post 3

Once G discovered that there was a hole on the other side of the tub too, she enjoyed trying to stick her leg in there! G loves nothing more than making a noise at the moment, so shaking the balls as hard as she could proved HILARIOUS!

Baby Post 5

There was even a little bit of sharing and collaborative play going on here!! So a good one if you have more than one child.

Baby Post 7

I was actually pleasantly surprised how well G managed to post the balls into the tub! I was expecting her to have to play it for a long time to figure it out but then that is the beauty of playing with an older sibling I suppose!

Baby Post 9

This game has been in and out over the last few days and it shows no signs of becoming old or tired yet! Such a simple idea but LOTS of fun and development for little G!

Baby Post 10


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