It’s so good to be back after a long wait for internet etc! Anyway, we’re back now and moved into our new home for Christmas.  This will be Baby G’s first Christmas and it goes without saying, we want her to have a lovely time.  Too young though to ‘get’ the present thing, I anticipate the most enjoyable part being the paper.  Baby G hasn’t had to unwrap a present before and I want her to get some rehearsal in before the big day… therefore ‘Jingle Bells’ is not only a practise for the big day but also a sensory and motor skills game for her too.

For this activity I used:

  • Bells (Instrument)
  • Empty Box (with no lid)
  • Wrapping paper
  • Skewer

Jingle Bells Baby Game

I placed the bells inside the box and wrapping the box in the wrapping paper.

Jingle Bells Baby Game 3

Finally, I poked several holes in the paper with a skewer to enable G to have a good poke with her index finger, develop her fine motor control and have a chance at unwrapping the mystery object independently.

Jingle Bells Baby Game 2

G set to work immediately, using her little fingers to investigate the ‘present’ and the holes in the paper.

Jingle Bells Baby Game 4

Not only this, but as G explored the holes, she discovered the jingly sound of the bells within the box! This pleased her! We were both very pleased with ourselves at this point as, due to G being so engrossed in her activity, Mummy got to enjoy a few chocolates.  This isn’t obligatory but I feel it is necessary to truly enjoy the activity! Winking smile

Jingle Bells Baby Game 6

Another discovery was made when G found that the label, saying ‘Jingle Bells’ was sticky if peeled off! In all honesty, this was unintentional part of the game but G again managed to find another way to develop her little hand muscles! *My little genius* Open-mouthed smile

Jingle Bells Baby Game 5

After lots of prodding and experimenting, G managed to poke her finger through a hole making a nice, big tear…

Jingle Bells Baby Game 7

As you can imagine, this later meant lots of tearing, pealing and unwrapping, just as intended…  I love the photo below as it shows perfectly, the pincer grip that my little angel is developing so beautifully!  She is fast becoming a dab hand at picking up peas!!

Jingle Bells Baby Game 8

G absolutely loved being able to open the present herself and it actually made me think I should poke the holes in her Christmas presents so that Christmas day is independent too! Ok, it may take a while but what’s the rush?

Jingle Bells Baby Game 9

The beauty was, the play didn’t end there, we had LOTS of shaking of wrapping paper… (developing gross motor skills)

Jingle Bells Baby Game 10

… playing jingle bells along to Michael Buble *purely for the benefit that music gives to baby G of course*… (listening to music helps to stimulate the brain making links from one side to the other, necessary for reading, writing and maths)

Jingle Bells Baby Game 11

… some deep thinking when investigating and shredding the wrapping paper. NB: supervision a must as lots was heading for the mouth obviously!

Jingle Bells Baby Game 12

Some inventive play… banging on the ‘drum’ aka box and… (open ended play will ensure our children are independent learners)

Jingle Bells Baby Game 13

… the victory dance! Even small babies enjoy the feeling of achievement and what better way to give our children a taste of what achievement feels like than through independent play in front of their favourite audience… you?

Jingle Bells Baby Game 14


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