I had been aware that my mischievous niece, E, had been stealing Mummy’s Christmas decorations for play but wasn’t able to put them back on! So, I gave E’s Mummy my kitchen mug holder and invited her to give E the chance to rehearse hooking and looping the decorations onto these simple hooks. Any traditional mug tree or hooks would be ideal for this as they do not move around or have obstacles in the way for little fingers to get in a muddle.  Whilst this would be fun for little ones, it also provides a lovely fine motor work out and you know how much I enjoy those!! Winking smile Fine motor skills are essential for feeding, dressing, writing and any small scale, everyday movements we as adults take for granted! So, fine motor play is fundamental for our little cherubs. Thank you to E’s Mum for delivering this play opportunity and writing the lovely post! Smile

Festive Fine Motor Fun 3

E had been showing a keen interest in the Christmas decorations on the tree and was very successful at removing them (much to my delight as you can imagine), however she couldn’t master rehanging them which she found quite frustrating. So I gave her the opportunity to hang decorations using an easier item to hook them on – it was the fuzzy Christmas tree branches that were hindering her.

To help E practise this skill I placed a mug stand on the table and supplied E with some pretty Christmas decorations with loop hooks to get her interested. I was hoping she would understand why I had placed them there and she didn’t disappoint.

Festive Fine Motor Fun

She was very excited by each item, and took a particular liking to the robin and gave him a nice hug before placing him on the hook.

Festive Fine Motor Fun 8

She understood the idea immediately and executed hanging them very quickly, however each time she missed a hook and the decoration dropped onto the table it was followed with a nice a clear OOOPS!

Festive Fine Motor Fun 7

E’s determination and patience paid off and she eventually got all of the decorations onto the stand.

Festive Fine Motor Fun 6

She repeated this game over and over, getting quicker each time.

Festive Fine Motor Fun 4

With her newly developed skill, E decided to hang the decorations on the Christmas tree, she led this herself, I was in fact preparing dinner when I popped my head into the room to see she had already hung the dolly decoration onto the tree and was currently working on the robin. Clever girl. She applauded herself when she had done it 🙂

Festive Fine Motor Fun 2


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