Snowy Day Small World Sensory Tub

Well, it doesn’t look like we’ll be having a white Christmas this year but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t enjoy some snow today! Ok, so it wasn’t the real thing but J’s imagination certainly didn’t seem to mind!

For this Small world/Sensory bin, I used:

  • Fake snow (picked up from The Range for less than £1)
  • Iridescent snow (for a bit of sparkle and glisten)
  • Large pine cones
  • Small world people
  • Polystyrene balls and wooden skewer (to make the snowman)
  • Large box

Snow Day Small World Sensory Tub 10

To begin, J and I made a snowman using the polystyrene balls. I connected them by threading a wooden skewer through the centre of the balls and then cut the ends off.

Snow Day Small World Sensory Tub 8

Using a permanent marker, J drew on the snowman’s face and buttons.  Finally, I tied some ribbon around him for the scarf and put a blob of sticky tape at the bottom and stuck the snowman in place in the box.

Snow Day Small World Sensory Tub 7

To complete the small world, I poured in the fake and iridescent snow, added the pine cones and small world people and job was done.  It took around 4 minutes and looks so inviting!

Snow Day Small World Sensory Tub 9

Just for a bit of glitz, I also added our Christmas snowman with sparkly lights to the table.  The more inviting the play looks, the more interest your child will show and it will draw them into some lovely, open-ended play.

Snow Day Small World Sensory Tub 5

J began by exploring the texture of the fake snow.  He allowed it to sprinkle though his fingers…

Snow Day Small World Sensory Tub 2

… scooped it up with his hands to make ‘snowy mountains…’

Snow Day Small World Sensory Tub 3

…and he loved sprinkling it over the pine cones and people to make it seem like the snow was falling from the sky.  As he played, he asked me why it snowed and why snow melted.  So we found out lots of interesting facts about the world around him whilst he played.

Snow Day Small World Sensory Tub 6

J also enjoyed writing his name within the ‘snow’ and used his index finger to make lots of recognisable letters. Again, natural learning through play… unbeatable in my opinion.

Snow Day Small World Sensory Tub 16

The small world adventure eventually began and it was mightily entertaining to watch J’s imagination truly run wild! It began with the postman making his Christmas deliveries, singing as he did so about never missing a delivery ‘even in the snow!’ What a dedicated postman!

Snow Day Small World Sensory Tub 14

It wasn’t long before a natural disaster occurred.  The dreadful snow, buried all of the people and they were screaming for help… What do you do when buried up to your chin in snow?

Snow Day Small World Sensory Tub

You grab your mobile and phone Tree Fu Tom of course!!  J gave some beautiful directions to our home and reminded Tree Fu Tom to get petrol on his way as he didn’t want to get stuck without any!!

Snow Day Small World Sensory Tub 13

I literally howled with laughter when J announced he would be back in a ‘jippy’ (jiffy)! He disappeared and returned as Tree Fu Tom with a torch head band on! He is so funny! He phoned the people buried under the snow and assured them that ‘this happens all the time in Treetopalis’ and ‘not to worry’ and he would use his magic power to save them!

Snow Day Small World Sensory Tub 12

For those of you lucky enough to have watched Tree Fu Tom (!!), he always ‘sends the magic on’ so that there is more power (or something like that!). So after lots of copying J’s arm movements, the two of us managed to zap those poor, frozen people out of danger!!

Snow Day Small World Sensory Tub 11

All in all, J had a great time today with this small world, gaining so much as he played.  It really was a simple one to set up and would make a nice last-minute home-made Christmas pressie if you’re looking for inspiration!

What did J learn?

  • About weather and natural world around him.
  • Exploring texture of a new material
  • Small world, imaginary play
  • Language
  • Taking on roles
  • Story telling
  • Giving directions to a location
  • Giving physical directions to ‘send the magic on!’

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