Thank you to E and her Mummy for writing the following post.  I asked Mummy to cover her chalkboard in chalk and provide E with a paintbrush and water.  Not only is this a first step toward mark making and creativity using different techniques, it is also a lovely fine and gross motor workout.  To make this an even more productive large scale movement (gross motor) work out, providing your child with an upright chalkboard or easel means your child will be using their full arm and shoulders in the painting motion. All in all, a simple and easy way to introduce using an implement to make marks! Ideal for this age group and beyond.

I presented E with her chalk board covered all over with blue chalk and supplied a paint brush and small amount of water in a pot.

Water Painting

E literally ran over to the activity and immediately picked up the paint brush (that had already been dipped in water) and began making marks, the paintbrush soon ran out of water and she instinctively knew to dip the brush in the pot of water to continue with her mark making.

Water Painting2

E chatted excitedly to herself and was bouncing up and down as she managed to clear the chalk. She was up and down like a yoyo reloading her brush with water.

Water Painting3

E then decided that all that bending was too much like hard work and picked up the pot and held it in her spare hand while busily painting away.

Water Painting4

She loved making the sweeping movements and barely looked up as she concentrated on her task.

Water Painting5

Eventually E realises that if she poured the pot of water on the chalk board she would no longer need to ‘waste time’ on dipping the brush, she stood and contemplated this action for a good few seconds before deciding it was the right decision, and poured the water (I’m glad I only gave her a few table spoons to work with!)

Water Painting6

She was very pleased with herself and returned to her broad and fast sweeps across the board, attacking it from all directions and eventually telling me all about what she was doing…I think she was pleased with her decision making!!

Water Painting7

Thank you again to E and Mummy for taking part in this activity and I hope it gives you a way to entertain and engage your little one with simple resources you probably have lying around.  All whilst developing their muscles and getting them ready for writing much further down the line!

Water Painting9


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