Post Box

Right now Baby G does not have the precise control necessary to put a shape in a hole in the shop-bought shape sorters and I would be surprised if she was alone in this.  I think before she can get  the object to fit in the hole, she needs to learn how to physically control an object she is holding and place it into a target accurately enough for it actually to go in.  As a result, I made ‘Baby post box.’

I used:

  • a strong cardboard box
  • some cylindrical beads

To make the game, I simply cut a large circle shape in the box, gathered some beads (any objects your baby is interested in will work) and let her enjoy playing.

Baby Post

G was in a great mood today and made me laugh hysterically with her new gasp of delight.  She gasped when she saw the activity, she gasped when she picked up the beads and she pretty much gasped at every new discovery! Funny little baby Open-mouthed smile

Baby post 2

To begin with I put a couple of the beads inside the box so that G could have a go at getting them out.  She loved delving right inside the box and chasing the beads around with her hand to get them out. She really had to use her sense of touch to do this as she couldn’t always actually see the bead.

Baby post 3

The box made it’s way all around the floor and G leant, stretched and got into all sorts of positions to get the beads out.  She had a lovely and quite unexpected gross motor workout in the process of this play.

Baby post 4

It was very amusing to see the examples J sets rubbing off on G.  Baby G was watching J play his sight vocab game yesterday and how he threw the beanbags into the tubs.  G copied this behaviour and tossed the beads around and I think she genuinely was aiming for the hole! Very optimistic behaviour! Needless to say, she didn’t get any into the hole using this method!! haha!

Baby post 5

Victory was finally hers, although I did have to model it over and over! Eventually, I placed the beads around the circle and showed G how to push them inside the hole.  She did copy and had some success.  I think more practise is needed in the control, aim, drop aspect of this activity but Baby G had a blast trying! A very simple game to set up but just think, this is developing the skill that will one day mean she will tidy away her own toys!!! Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but soon!! Winking smile

Baby post 8


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