Chewy Treasure Basket

Every baby/toddler explores things by putting them in their mouths.  Children use their senses for all sorts of discovery but the mouth thing goes beyond that especially once teething really kicks in.  As G is going through a bad patch of growing her gnashers, I decided to put together a treasure basket today, specifically for having a good old chew*.  Children love pulling things out of baskets and throwing them, exploring and discovering so all in all, this activity provided on many levels.

*NB. As with any baby/toddler play, putting items in their mouths can be very dangerous if not supervised closely.  I NEVER leave baby G alone with an activity.

Contents of the basket included all things we have around the home:

  • glittery ball
  • ball pit plastic balls
  • flannel
  • Sophie the giraffe
  • silicone ginger man/woman
  • sand filled octopus

Chewy Treasure Basket

G had a rummage through the basket but quickly opted for a lengthy chew on both silicone ginger bread man/woman.  Isn’t it interesting that in her short little life she already recognises that this texture is good for chewing?!

Chewy Treasure Basket 2Chewy Treasure Basket 3

Needless to say, chewing was high priority in this play and G just loved having all these luscious chewable items at her disposal.

Chewy Treasure Basket 7

As well as this though, she looked closely at the items and enjoyed pulling them and throwing them around the place.

Chewy Treasure Basket 4

One of the nicest little discoveries she made was how opening her hand with the ball in it meant that it rolled onto the floor.  I didn’t capture the ball leaving her hand but you can see her holding her hand open and looking at the fact that the ball had gone.  She did this a few times… it was so lovely! 🙂

Chewy Treasure Basket 5

She also enjoyed, placing a ball in the silicone case and taking it out again.  Isn’t it lovely how this natural exploration leads to discoveries?


As always with G, she loves peekaboo and loved playing another round of this with the flannel.  Bless her.  This kept her entertained, provided chewy/teething relief and lead to natural discoveries and it only took two minutes of whizzing around the house gathering safe items for G to chew on and popping them in a basket!  Couldn’t be simpler!

Chewy Treasure Basket 8


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