I’ve been wanting to do a series of posts about mixed age play but with one thing and another, I haven’t got around to it but I will… promise! Today, we did some craft together and it was lovely watching my 3 and half year old and 11 month old take part in the same activity.  I did ‘differentiate’ them to suit the different ages but essentially they did the same thing!

Mixed Age Craft Valentine 20

Firstly, I cut out two heart shapes and punched a hole through the top in order to thread a ribbon through.

Mixed Age Craft Valentine 12

Next, I wrapped some parcel tape (sticky side up) around the two hearts.  It is ESSENTIAL that the sticky side is facing out as this means that NO GLUE is necessary for this craft making it easier and safer for baby to take part.

Mixed Age Craft Valentine 11

The differentiation came in with the craft bits supplied for my angels. Crafty bits for G included, pink and red foam, pompoms, felt and paper cut into large pieces.  Obviously the larger the pieces, the easier they are for G to manipulate and for Mummy to monitor if heading towards her mouth.

Mixed Age Craft Valentine 14

The crafty bits for J included pink and red felt, foam, paper and tissue paper cut into small pieces.  I also supplied buttons and pompoms too. The smaller pieces meant J had a lovely fine motor workout and the finished piece would be more intricate and detailed.

Mixed Age Craft Valentine 15

Firstly, it was just beautiful watching my two lovelies engrossed in their art together.  *Proud Mummy*

Mixed Age Craft Valentine 8

What did Baby G do?

Firstly, she discovered and explored the stickiness of the tape! You can see in the photo below, G holding her hand out and examining the strange brown thing in front of her which had tried to claim her hand!

Mixed Age Craft Valentine 10

G again explored the stickiness of the tape by pushing down the felt and then peeling it off again… and again… and again!!!  This was a fine motor workout for Baby G!

Mixed Age Craft Valentine 9

Mummy and G had a lovely time sticking and ‘unsticking’ the pretty pink and red bits.  G gasped with delight and had a lovely time!

Mixed Age Craft Valentine 4

This was G’s finished article and she even ‘ooohed’ as I admired it! Bless her.  She lasted about ten/fifteen minutes and then wanted to get down to trash explore the house!!  Winking smile

Mixed Age Craft Valentine 3

What did J do?

J was a lot more careful with his masterpiece! He loved rummaging through the craft tray to choose a specific piece and would say, ‘that’s what I was looking for!’

Mixed Age Craft Valentine 7

Obviously, J had a fine motor workout with these small bits of craft materials and showing off his finger control by squishing the tissue paper into tiny balls.  Later down the line, his handwriting will benefit greatly from activities like this!

Mixed Age Craft Valentine 6

A little problem solving took place too as J had to choose the right size pieces to fit in the holes as the piece got more and more full.  It was so funny as J gave his commentary, ‘sorry little fella, just need to move you over a tad!’  Funny, gorgeous boy!!

Mixed Age Craft Valentine 2

J created his masterpiece for just over an hour and didn’t lose focus once!  He really did enjoy this activity and as it was a special present for Mummy, it gave him a purpose!

Mixed Age Craft Valentine 5

Our beautiful, handmade Valentine hearts are now hanging up in our living room and they look stunning! The fact J said, ‘this is for you because you are the most beautiful girl in the world,’ made it EVEN more special!! I love my children!!

Mixed Age Craft Valentine


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