This is such an easy game to make and it means that little moments of, ‘what can I do Mummy?’ are filled! It is also great for school and nursery settings.  To make the game, I simply got three plastic cups.  On one, I wrote some sounds J knows, the second I wrote the vowels a, e, i, o and u and on the third we wrote another group of sounds J knows.  As mentioned in ‘CVC Hide and Seek’ and ‘CVC Play dough Printing’ reading CVC words is the beginning to using phonics to blend and segment words. Visit the two posts mentioned to find out much more about this.

CVC Cups

Once the letters were written on the cups, I simply stacked them on top of one another, ensuring the vowels were in the middle, and the CVC word generator was complete.

CVC Cups  2

Twisting and turning the cups, means lots of words are made (some nonsense and some real).  It is a more interesting way of rehearsing sound out and blending to read words rather than flashcards or lists.

CVC Cups 3

We’ve been playing with these cups for a couple of days and J really enjoys it for about 5/10 minutes at a time.  As I say, it isn’t going to be for long, sustained play but for those short, bitty moments it is ideal and purposeful. Once it is made it is great to have to hand.

CVC Cups  4

Another way, you could use it would be by saying a word and asking your child to make it rather than randomly generating words.  This rehearses the segmenting skills I wrote about yesterday and hearing the sounds in the correct order.  Such a simple activity and for those teachers reading this, a simple independent activity during Guided Reading!

CVC Cups  5


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