What’s in the bag?

I’m sure my children aren’t the only ones who are fascinated by the contents of a bag.  So, I thought I would plant a bag in my sitting room for Little Miss G to explore.  Rather than just putting any household items in there, I thought about the content according to G’s developmental needs, stages she is going through and her favourite things to do.  You could adapt the contents to suit your baby/toddler too.

I used an orange drawstring bag so that G could easily manipulate it and delve inside.  It contained:

  • A spoon and dish for G to practise ‘feeding’ herself
  • A spatula with a silicone end – good for teething babies
  • A microwave omelette maker as G LOVES to open and close things repeatedly
  • A roll of ribbon as G likes to unravel things

What's in the bag...11

Rather than present the bag to G, I hung it on the side of the sofa for her to get herself.  Leave anything hanging around enough and it will surely become of great interest to inquisitive minds!

What's in the bag...13

It wasn’t long before G pulled the bag down and began to investigate the contents…

What's in the bag... 2

First out was the spatula and G had a mighty good chew on the end.

What's in the bag...3

The contents of the bag spilled onto the floor and G got excited!! She couldn’t contain herself once she saw the roll of sparkly ribbon!

What's in the bag... 5

She unravelled and pulled, flapped it around, scrunched it and explored how much mess she could make!! Needless to say, I supervised the entire time as this could be a serious danger to baby if wrapped around their neck!

What's in the bag...6

G enjoyed all of the items and loved opening and closing the microwave tray…

What's in the bag...8

The cutest thing for me was watching her ‘feed’ herself with her spoon.  Obviously a very important skill for G to be rehearsing.

What's in the bag...9

Such a simple activity and G played with it for ages.  She definitely had a firm favourite with the ribbon although I wish I had given her one without glitter on as it was EVERYWHERE!

What's in the bag...10

I left this bag hanging on a chair this morning and G went straight for it.  A really simple game and all I will need to do is refresh the items to keep it fresh and interesting for her.

What's in the bag...15


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