Book Recommendations for Children 3 and Over

Please add your recommended book title and the author by scrolling down the page to the ‘Leave a Reply’ section.  Thank you for taking the time to share with others and hope you gain some inspiration too. Happy Reading!



  1. My daughter (3yrs 8mths) currently loves:

    Funny Bones – Janet and Allan Ahlberg

    The “Albie” series (How to grow a Dinosaur, Supermarket Zoo and How to Catch a Dragon) by Caryl Hart

    Moon Rabbit – Natalie Russell

    Beware of the Storybook Wolves – Lauren Child (Charlie and Lola author – this book splits opinion in our house – mummy and Charlie love it, daddy hates it if he is asked to read this or one of her Clarice Bean books)

    Dogs Don’t Do Ballet – Anna Kemp

    Paper Dolls (mummy’s fave at the mo) and the Singing Mermaid – both by the fab Julia Donaldson.

    We also love some battered Dora the Explorer books I picked up from Oxfam.

    In fact, I often pick up random children’s books from charity shops just for something different as I get a bit bamboozled in Waterstones (frequently asking myself whether it is possible to have TOO MUCH Julia Donaldon ;-)); so I am really really looking forward to reading everyone’s recommendations!!

  2. Another fab charity shop find was the “Lucie Chat/Lucy Cat” books by Catherine Bruzzone – they are simple, fun stories in English and French with an almost comic strip layout (chickened out of posting this on original post for fear it makes me sound like some crazed pushy parent extraordinaire -I’m not!- but they are too good not to share..) x

  3. Burgular bill by janet and allen ahlberg
    Ruff by jane hisssey
    I’ll watch this post carefully as my son is 3 in june!

  4. My 2.5 and 4.5 year olds both love the Nick Sharratt and Stephen Tucker lift-the-flap fairy tales. We have the full set. Thoroughly recommended. I am starting to look for older stories for my eldest; we are really liking Percy the Parkeeper books by Nick Butterworth. Other suggestions welcomed!

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