Sight Word Rescue

Before I begin, I have very few photos of this activity as it was a little erm… messy! But well worth it as we had so many giggles.  Once my hands got messy, I was unable to take any pic’s unfortunately but you’ll get the idea!

Firstly, I wrote out J’s sight words that he is still rehearsing (can, play, I, and, you & the) several times.  I then rolled them up really tight and laid them at the bottom of the roasting tray.  Next I sprayed some shaving foam over to completely cover all of the words and poured some green glitter over the top.  Finally I gathered some tweezers (for fine motor fun) and a sorting tray for J to put his words in.

Sight Word Rescue

J was so excited to get messy and we decided that the green glitter was alien ooze trying to steal the earth’s words! Giving games a back story often helps engage and excite children even further and this is what we need for fund, interactive, playful learning.

Sight Word Rescue 2

A J found the words he unravelled them to discover the word he had rescued.  This was no easy task when covered in slippy shaving foam but it was an awful lot of fun.  It goes without saying that if your child is still at the stage where they put things in their mouths, then using shaving foam is a no-no.  It could be replaced though with ‘Cloud Dough’ (if made with vegetable oil) or ‘Gloop’.  Click on the links to see how to make it.

Sight Word Rescue 3

It was at this point the photo taking ended as J was asking to get stuck in! So, without further ado, both J and I fought to rescue the sight words! The funniest thing was that at the messiest, silliest point (Mummy being silly) the plumber walked in and asked me for something! His face when he saw my hands covered in white gunk was a picture!! Hilarious! He couldn’t help but ask what the heck we were up to!! He obviously thought I was mad but do you know what, I don’t really care! J and I were enjoying ourselves!!

Sight Word Rescue 4

Once we had rescued and rehearsed reading all the words, Mummy set to clearing up the majority of the mess and J just had a good rub, explore and play with the shaving foam.  It was lovely and although our hand were covered, it didn’t go anywhere else! SO don’t be afraid to have a go!!  The more fun and playful ways we can learn to read, the better!

Sight Word Rescue 5



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