We use these baskets on a regular basis for story telling as they are easy to pull out and play with at a moments notice.  J LOVES playing with them due to the fact he adores stories and making up stories himself.  A budding author in the making maybe?! Either way, playing games like this is fantastic for developing language, both story language and the use of descriptive vocabulary.

Story Telling Baskets

For these baskets, J had one with lots of toys in including characters of all ages, animals, food, magic wand and a variety of everyday objects.  You may recognise we also used this basket for a variety of phonics and CVC games too – it really is a versatile collection!

Story Telling Baskets 2

G had a variety of soft toys in her basket.  A couple of girls, a zebra, lion, sheep and bear.

Story Telling Baskets 3

We all played together and as J is so familiar with the activity, he just got on with his own stories independently.  I supported G obviously and told her a mixture of stories, nursery rhymes and made up some very tuneful (ahem!) songs.  All of these are valuable for G’s language development and music and rhyme is crucial for making those links on both sides of her brain.  We used the characters as props and a focus for G to watch or play with herself.  Whenever I played with J, G would babble along to the characters and throw, suck, explore them as all one year old children do!

Story Telling Baskets 5

G loves hearing stories and hearing made-up ones from Mummy and Daddy is just as valuable as sharing stories from books.  You can see how focussed G was during the rabbit story Mummy made up!  (Please excuse/ignore the chipped nail varnish! It’s been a busy week! Ha)

Story Telling Baskets 5 6

As I said, J is well used to this story telling game and was mid story when I started taking these photo’s.  The language he uses is very much taken from the stories he hears and this shows how valuable sharing books is.

Story Telling Baskets 5 7

Whenever J finishes a story, he puts the props back in the basket and begins choosing his next lot!

Story Telling Baskets 5 12

He lays them out on the floor and once he is happy with his collection, the story telling begins!

Story Telling Baskets 5 0

I adore listening to the stories he comes up with and he can honestly play this game for anything up to an hour! It is well worth putting story baskets together and having them to hand whenever needed.

Story Telling Baskets 5 134


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