Spring Time Printing Art (Mixed Aged Activity)

Such a simple activity to set up but J has only just put it away after about two hours play! Not bad! G didn’t last quite as long but then she is only one and she has Scarlet Fever!! Sad smile

Spring Print Pictures Mixed Age 20

To set up this activity, I simply rolled out some play dough and put it on a mat for J. Then I got a tray with different compartments and put a few items/tools in there for J to create his spring time master piece!  The tray included some more play dough, a roller, some lego of different shapes, different size and shape lolly sticks and some sequins in flower, egg and leaf shapes.  How J used these was completely up to him.

Spring Print Pictures Mixed Age 19

J began with the obvious printing technique to make his picture.  He explained to me that he had chick foot prints, flower shapes, leaf shapes and the circular indentation was a pond!

Spring Print Pictures Mixed Age 11

With more play and exploration, J got a little more creative and inventive! He used the lolly stick to ‘dig out a pond.’  This was because, ‘the blue mat underneath could be the pond!’

Spring Print Pictures Mixed Age 5

He also spent lots of time creating a 3D duck and used two sequins to act as the beak! Impressive!!!  You can see how intricate this procedure was and yes… it rehearsed his fine motor control beautifully! Winking smile

Spring Print Pictures Mixed Age 7

As the play went on there was an abundance of intricate, small details being added to his spring picture and J took it very seriously! He made sure each finished picture was photographed before he started again!

Spring Print Pictures Mixed Age 6

One of my favourite things was to watch him add the finishing touches ever so carefully!  Maybe I have a future animator on my hands! They get paid a lot right??!! Hahaha!

Spring Print Pictures Mixed Age 3Spring Print Pictures Mixed Age

Hand on heart, J played with this for hours! He made at least ten different pictures and each got better and better! He used a variety of techniques and was able to tell me what every little bit was! Here are my two favourites!

The chicks going over the bridge (lolly stick) being careful not to be eaten by the ‘big bad worm!’ See the influence of a story there?

Spring Print Pictures Mixed Age 4

The Easter scene with a basket full of Easter eggs and his perfect pond cut out!

Spring Print Pictures Mixed Age 2

Little Miss, not one to be left out, also made a gorgeous ‘spring’ picture using playdough and printing!  As G is only just one and still putting everything in her mouth, I had to watch her like a hawk! This in not G’s first experience with play dough, she started young but I am always SUPER DUPER cautious and she has never eaten any! To help G play with the dough, I put it into a small lunch box and spread it out evenly.  Next to the box, I gave her some yellow (for spring!) duplo and sticklebricks!

Spring Print Pictures Mixed Age 17

You can tell by her little smile that she LOVES play dough! She is getting to be a little expert with it and is well aware that pressing things into it leaves marks.  Her favourite thing to press in is her finger but after lots of finger prodding, scraping, digging and picking, she did pick up the ‘tools’ and pressed them into the play dough.

Spring Print Pictures Mixed Age 16

Again, to aid G with the printing aspect, I made the play dough VERY warm by rolling it between my palms a lot before I rolled it out!

Spring Print Pictures Mixed Age 10

There was a little problem solving involved for G too, as some of the lego I provided was too long to fit in the lunchbox.  She needed to turn it on it’s side to fit in but instead of that G flung it across the room! Ha! Maybe next time!

Spring Print Pictures Mixed Age 14

Look at my Princess’ creation! Just wonderful, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Spring Print Pictures Mixed Age 13

Allowing our children to be creative, inventive and imaginative is key to developing their independence and thinking skills! Providing different tools and mediums to create art will in no doubt help their ability to think ‘outside the box’ and solve problems! Children are never too young to begin this creative journey! Remember though, I do watch G VERY closely when playing with play dough as it is NOT safe for them to play with on their own!


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