My Handbag (An alternative version to a treasure basket)

G is a lover of a handbag… Mummy’s, Grandma’s, a random stranger… any will do! Let’s hope she just enjoys investigating and isn’t in training to be a pick pocket!! For this activity, I gathered an array of materials I have accumulated, some felt, some foam, beads and a wooden napkin holder so that she had lots of textures to explore.

Baby Handbag7

Next I put them in J’s bag as they have both taken to walking with it everywhere and anywhere! As J was at nursery, G had full play rights! I need to get her one for herself! Naughty Mummy!

Baby Handbag6

Finally I put the ‘handbag’ with all the items in and popped them on the floor for G to ‘find!’  It wasn’t long before she was pointed excitedly and saying, ‘assat?’ Meaning ‘What’s that?’ of course!

Baby Handbag2

G sat down and began delving as children do…

Baby Handbag3

The lovely thing was, she babbled the WHOLE time! Really chattering away to herself/ the bag/ me? Who knows? She was so engrossed, she didn’t look up once!

Baby Handbag4

She discarded what she didn’t like, she examined what she did and generally had a pretty fabulous time!

Baby Handbag5

One of the lovely things about this particular bag and the reason we chose this one, is the window! It makes it so inviting for children of all ages. G kept tipping the bag back and looking to see what was in there.  It was so lovely and set off the babbling more!  I like to think she was saying, ‘right, so I can see it but I can’t feel it! That’s strange!!’



After a while, I modelled for G how to put the items back INSIDE the bag! She giggled as I did this, probably thinking, ‘I am going to take those back out again, you do know that don’t you Mummy?!’  Once I had put most of the items back in, G stood up and picked up the bag.  Funnily though, once she’d picked it up, she bent forward as if to show how heavy is was and swiftly sat back down to pull it all out again! Smile She has been walking around with the bag with nothing in, so she found the weight rather confusing!! Bless her!

Treasure baskets are fabulous whatever they come in; boxes, baskets, bags… but one good thing to do is change it up a bit.  Change how you present them.  What you present them in and what you put in them.  I’m yet to see one that doesn’t interest and intrigue! ‘My handbag’ though is fab as it can also go with you wherever you go! Perfect!

Baby Handbag


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