Easter Toddler Floating and Sinking Discovery

A really easy discovery bath game for toddler.  Just a note to say, I am very conscious about putting photo’s of my baby in the bath online so photo’s are kept to a minimum I’m afraid! Sure you understand why! Smile

For this activity, I used some cheap plastic filler Easter eggs, some stones and a bath!


I took out six eggs, leaving three empty and filled three with stones!


Next, I simply popped them in G’s bath and left them for her to discover!

NB.  It goes without saying that children should NEVER be left unattended n the bath and therefore, close supervision is a must! These eggs are not the best quality so could easily have fallen open, allowing the stones to be free. Obviously, this would have been a choking hazard.  G was not left alone though, so not an issue!


As I warned at the beginning, photo’s are kept to a minimum! G loved this activity though and stretched, dipped and played with the floating and eventually the sinking eggs!


G found it hilarious when Mummy dropped the eggs from a height.  She watched and enjoyed the plopping sound out the heavy eggs that seemed to disappear under the water and equally adores the bouncy, floating eggs that bobbed up and down on the bubbles.  A really simple and open-ended way for G to discover the eggs and the ‘floating and sinking’ element.  It was of course accompanied by the explanation from her three year old brother.  He explained in great detail that heavy eggs sink and light eggs float.  He demonstrated this over and over for G at the side of her bath!  Thoroughly recommend this really simple game of discovery! Grab some eggs quick! Winking smile1397064653360


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