Little Miss G has been feeling unwell this week and today was probably her worst day so far but this little activity really perked her up and took her mind off it! The idea behind it being an open-ended activity to allow G to experiment with colour matching.  The open-ended element meant that G could interpret how she played with it and where the play ended up and this is exactly what she did.

For this activity, I used ten paper cake cases (two red, two blue, two yellow and so on) and two large pom poms in the corresponding colours. Finally, I put a transparent tub there for G to use however she wished.

Toddler Colour Cooking 3_thumb[1]

G began by tidying up! She likes tidying and she stacked all the cases together and put the pom-poms in the transparent tub! She declared she was ‘done!’  I left it on the floor and it wasn’t long before she started saying, ‘pim poms’ and playing again.

Toddler Colour Cooking 10_thumb[1]


G placed the cases out and to my utter astonishment began matching the colours to the corresponding cake cases. She made mistakes…

Toddler Colour Cooking 8_thumb[1]

… she corrected herself…Toddler Colour Cooking 7_thumb[1]

and my favourite bit was all the talking to herself as she ‘problem solved!’ It was just FABULOUS!!!

Toddler Colour Cooking 6_thumb[1]

Once that was done, she began stacking the cakes cases again!


Toddler Colour Cooking 2_thumb[1]

This was a lovely fine motor workout for G as it required precision and accuracy! You all know how I love a good fine motor workout! Smile with tongue out

Toddler Colour Cooking 5_thumb[1]

The best bit for me was G demanding that she wanted to make ‘cake!’  I got a bowl and wooden spoon out and the mixing and stirring began! This may not have been my original ‘plan’ for this game but the open-ended nature meant G was in charge! That’s what I love about this type of play!

Toddler Colour Cooking 12_thumb[1]

Not only did she create this game herself, she also rehearsed ‘feeding’ herself! G is used to playing with ‘pim pom’s, as she calls them, so doesn’t put them in her mouth! However, I would never leave her to play alone with them as they are a potential choking hazard so please be careful!

Through this simple activity, G rehearsed, matching, colour recognition (although every colour is ‘boo’ at the moment!)  She also created her own games and rehearsed feeding herself! Not bad for a very QUICK set up!!

Toddler Colour Cooking 11_thumb[2]


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