All of my trio as babies have detested tummy time! Whether it be the fact they have all been little chubbers or the fact they all have large heads (hahaha) they all have hated it!  For the record, I reassure myself that they all have large heads due to their large brains! Winking smile   We are advised to give our babies tummy time.  I regularly meet Mums whose babies loath it – so why should we do it??

On their tummy, babies lift their head strengthening their neck and upper back muscles.  Strong muscles allow your baby to roll over, sit, and crawl.  Babies need to learn how to support and turn their head in response to what’s happening around them and hold their heads steady when on the move. Therefore, tummy time is important.

Given that Baby M DOES NOT enjoy her tummy time, I cheat a little! All babies like faces.  They like to look at people’s expressions and they learn so much from them.  Babies also really like looking at other babies faces, so putting Baby M in front of a mirror is always a winner. We begin our tummy time just stood in front of the bathroom mirror, having a cuddle and a chat. Baby M loves looking at Mummy’s wonky face in the mirror!! Very amusing! Open-mouthed smile

Tummy Time Precious Play

Once Baby M is suitably happy and enjoying the view, I hold her as if she is looking down to the floor. Imagine your baby is flying.  Hold them still, arm between their legs and palm supporting their chest.  As Baby M loves the reflection so much, she works very hard to lift her head.  The magic bit? She does it with a HUGE smile on her face!!

Tummy Time Precious Play 2

She is working so hard to lift her big head!! Open-mouthed smile  Bonus for us is, we use the mirror over the sink, so any inevitable baby puke, lands in the sink!! Win, win!

Tummy Time Precious Play 4

It goes without saying you need to be really careful holding your baby like this but then you need to be really careful no matter how you hold your baby!!  I love doing this with little M, it avoids the tears, has the same effect and she even gave herself a little wave today!! See photo below!! ha!

Tummy Time Precious Play 3


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