Six Sight Vocabulary Play Ideas (Learn to Read in a Playful way)

Precious Play

Last week, J adopted a new friend into the family and took his responsibility of helping Ted not to feel lonely very seriously. To find out what happened you can view the post here… As J was so kind to Ted, Ted decided he would repay the favour and help J learn to read!  J is showing a very keen interest in learning and as the interest has come completely from him, I am happy to support him with it.  If J wasn’t ready or interested, I would definitely NOT be forcing this on him!

Caring Bear Precious Play2

One of the most boring yet VERY necessary parts to learning to read is learning sight vocabulary.  These are the words that appear most frequently in the English language and children need to recognise by sight and therefore learn by heart as opposed to sounding them out phonetically. There are A LOT of sight…

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