Precious Play

Tuesday’s are my day for G!  J goes to nursery one and a half days a week and that time is girl time! During nap time, I do the washing (yawn), housework (boo) and my favourite part – make a new interest station for J!  When I’m not distracted by her big brother, I notice just how much G is changing all the time! I knew she was really beginning to reach out and grab things but she is very good at it and it is getting harder to take something out of her grasp!

Today, I decided I needed to make G a game where she would ‘achieve’ something and therefore get some satisfaction!

baby grab and pull game

First, I covered a box in black sugar paper and made four holes with a pair of sharp scissors.

Baby Grab Game Next, I used those scissors to pull two pieces of ribbon through the holes and two…

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