For my little man, at the moment, learning to spell his high frequency words is high on his priority list.  He loves writing and as a result wants to write the words he is learning to read at school.

I have covered this many times and there are several posts featuring play ideas for learning to spell and read these ‘tricky words.’ I will link these to the bottom of this post which is featuring a very simple but effective and fun play idea.

I simply used some small, plastic, resealable bags from ‘The Range’ shop. I think they cost around £1 for 50 bags.  I used a tub of buttons from my craft cupboard and a permanent marker.


Basically, I wrote each of the high frequency words J is either learning currently or has already learned, on one of the bags. Then I grabbed a button per letter and wrote the words out.  For example, I wrote ‘said’ on the bag and then using four buttons wrote ‘s’ on one, ‘a’ on another and so on.


Next, I put all the bags together on a tray with a magnifying glass and let J investigate.  He is interested in the police at the moment so I said he had some evidence and needed to solve the clues.  He was engaged, learning and having fun.  Simple idea but so worthwhile.


If you don’t have the bags and buttons, you could easily use little bits of paper and envelopes.  The point is, making it seem appealing and different is what keeps their interest.


So, for more ideas on learning to read and spell high frequency words and CVC words, see links below …

Sight Vocabulary Games 

Sight Word Rescue

Tile Word Games 

Spelling High Frequency Words Games

Spelling CVC Words

CVC Sensory Tub




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