Precious Play

Activity 1:  Baby Straws

You will need:

  • A cardboard box
  • Straws

To make this simple activity, I poked some holes into the top of a cardboard box and threaded some straws through. Simple!  This activity is great for hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Baby Straws

The  look on G’s face when I showed her the activity was just priceless. She is really getting excited now when she’s presented with a new game.  She began by flapping the box around but I quickly decided to weight the box down with my hand just in case she poked her eyes with the straws.  It also gave her some leverage to pull the straws out of their hole.

Baby Straws.jpg2

It took G a couple of minutes before she started pulling at the straws.  She held on to them at first but as soon as she realised they came out when she pulled them, that…

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